The War Of No Hope

Every tyrant has to start somewhere. Especially the most terrifying and violent ones. This is the story of how one became one, and fell from grace at the same time...

Book 1 in the Chalson Chronicles. All rights reserved. Cover designed by Literia Lia.


10. We Need Plan

When I woke, I found myself nestled up against Rasco, Do I have a kill today, my mind thought drowsily as I moved closer to him. Then I remembered. My eyes flew open and I was immeditly wide awake. Slipping out of Rascos grasp, I picked up his shirt from it's crumpled position on the floor and pulled it on. I made my way in to the tiny bathroom and sighed at my reflection. Hair everywhere, dark circles, bruises and scars from fights. I looked a mess. Definitely not going to win any beauty contests today. Unlike Aral, who could win any damn thing she wants. Including banishing me. In the mirror I could see Rasco sneaking up behind me, slipping his hands around my exposed waist.

"Mourning," he muttered, kissing my neck. Smiling despite myself, I ran my hands along his arms.

"Mourning," I replied. It's hard not to smile around him, even with everything that's going on and happened. Perhaps that's one of the reasons I love him. The boy rested his chin on my head and smiled. Even though I'm a month older than him, he's still taller. Annoyingly taller.

"Am I going to get my shirt back anytime soon?"


"I'm going to have to wear your dress then."

"Fine by me. If you can get in to it."

"I'll go try it on then," he dropped a kiss on my cheek and started back towards the bedroom. Groaning, I yanked off his shirt and chucked it at him. If he tried to wear my dress he'd only wreck it. And since it was one of the only things I had left from Winterbrook, I kinda wanted to keep the damn thing. He slipped it on with a smile and walked to the kitchen area. I rolled my eyes and walked back to the bedroom. The Famaliars were still asleep, curled up together at the end of the bed. Pulling out of simple dress from the small closet, I put it on and started tidying the place up. The place had always been a mess anyway and now it looked even worse. Thank Saulaf there was a knock on the door. I didn't even want to look under the bed! I poked my head out of the room and saw Rasco about to open it. With no trousers on. Hurriedly, I threw him a pair and headed to the door myself.

"Get some trousers!"

"You sure?"

"Shut up. Trousers on," I planted a light kiss on his cheek and pushed him towards the bedroom. I pulled open the door and was immediatly pulled in for hug. Once I had extracted myself from it, I gazed at suprise at the group on my doorstep. Raven and two other Wizards. I take back what I daid about smarter-than-you aprentices. Thank Saulaf for her!

"I'm so glad we found you, Opeh! We're here to help," she gushed, slipping in to the apartment and flopping on to a moth-eaten chair. The other two stood at the door, looking very awkard if I'm honest. Rasco wandered out of the bedroom in yesterdays suit and perched on a worktop. He looked kind of like a demetied pixie.

"Who're the kids?" the boys shot him a couple of death stares but stayed rooted in the doorway.

"The blonde guy's Guiser and the other's Cassia,2 she gestured for them to come in and the sat nervously on boxes.

"Their Warrior Wizards to."

"Reall? Don't look like it." Guiser bolted up and aimed a punch at Rascos face. I grabbed his arm and pushed him back down on to the box with ease. Warrior Wizard my ass.

"They're new," Raven sighed, giving Guiser a good whack around the head. The little prick deserved it.

"I can guess why Raven's here. But you two, I can't. Care to tell me?" Rasco was looking at them like they were slugs.

"We came because we wish to help Opeh. We object to what evil doings Aral is planning and do not wish to play our regrettable part in her despied rule," Cassia explained, looking me directly in the eye. At least the guy's honest in a confusing, very confusing, way.

"Cassia's from Victlie," Raven probably guess my confusion then. I exchanged a glance with Rasco and smiled. Cassia's going to be useful.

"Do you have a plan or something?" Guiser was leaning against the wall, looking like a freaking king. Screw him.

"No," if I'd tried a longer answer I probably would've ended up punch the hell out of him. He tutted and opned his mouth to say something. One look from Rasco closed it again.

"Guiser does have a point. If we stand any chance of getting back where we belong, we need a plan," Ravens eyes followed after me as I walked in to the kitchen area.

"Here's the plan. We get in to Winterbrook, I beat the crap out of Aral and get back my title," I said, sipping a drink. That seemed like as good as plan as any.

"A proper plan, Opeh," she rolled her eyes at me. That is a proper plan.

"Raven's right, love. We really need a good plan," Rasco looked me directly in the eyes and sighed, "but it has to involve you beating the shit out of Aral doesn't it?"

I nodded, "If it doesn't, I'm not agreeing to it."

Raven sighed and said, "Maybe we could use a Truth Laccy on her. She would tell Silvanus everything and you'll get your title back," I raised my eyebrows and she sighed, "And then you can beat her up."

"Sounds like a crappy plan to me," Guiser piped up from the wall. In a minute he's going to be throught the wall.

"And you look like a piece of shit to me but I'm not complaining," Rasco snapped from the counter. Cassia had to restrain Guiser again.

"We'll go with that plan. But maybe we should get more people first." I looked around for agreement.

"We would require a army to storm Winterbrook. Might I question how we are going to aquire that amount of people?" Cassai asked, removing his hands from Guisers arms. The guy really has to stop speaking like that. I exchanged a glance with Raven and smiled.


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