The War Of No Hope

Every tyrant has to start somewhere. Especially the most terrifying and violent ones. This is the story of how one became one, and fell from grace at the same time...

Book 1 in the Chalson Chronicles. All rights reserved. Cover designed by Literia Lia.


5. Meeting A Familiar

Shit. Out of everyone I could of ran in to, it had to be him. It just had to be Beardy, who I guess is in charge around here.

"You little sh-" Rasco came thundering down the stairs, coming to a abrupt halt at the sight of me and Beardy. Could this get any worse?

"Go back to your Guild room, Rasco. I'll take care of the girl," Beardy told him, his eyes not leaving me as he spoke. Even I flinched at his tone. Maybe my escape hadn't been such a good idea. Beardy seemed pretty pissed with both me and Rasco. Rasco shot me a look (if looks could kill...) and disappeared back up the stairs.

"Lets walk young lady," he snapped at me as he walked off down the corridor. I had to run to keep up with him. Christ, he's fast!

"Do you know why you're here, Miss Averis?" Beardy asked me as we hurried up the corridor. Slow down for the love of Saulaf!

"No," That was all I could manage. Beardy seemed to notice and guided me to a bench in a courtyard. Who has a courtyard in the middle of a building?!

"You're here because of your powers. You're the only Natural that we've ever had at Winterbrook and the only one who's not known about their powers," he explained, clearly expecting me to what he's talking about I don't. Not a clue.

"What's Winterbrook? Who are you? What's a Natural? Why do I suddenly have powers?" It all came spilling out of my mouth before I could stop it. So much for acting like I actually knew something.

"So many questions for someone so young! I'm Silvanus Ditw, the Head of the Magical Order and Master of Magic. I'm basically the king of the Magic world. Winterbrook is the home of of the Wizards and the Wizard Guilds. We take in young Wizards from the age of ten and train the in their chosen Guild until they reach eighteen. There are five different Guilds for you to study in: Natural Guild, Philosophical Guild, Alchemist Guild, Warrior Guild and Masters Guild. Each Guild studies a different aspect of Magic, apart from the Master Guild. In Master you learn everything that all the other Guilds learn more.

Each founding member of the Order runs a Guild ad has one heir to their title. Rasco, for example, is the heir to the Warrior Guild. As for the nature of a Natural, I don't completely know. Naturals grasp Magic extremely quickly and have a natural gift for it. However, the full extent of their powers is unknown. From what Rasco told me, your powers were brought on by deep grief and anger, a very rare event This is one of the very few situations that can create a Natural," Silvanus explained carefuly. Immer, that was one heck of a speech! The guy could beat the kings speeches with that. Shame I hadn't really understood what he said. All that I really got from that was that I'm powerful, he is in-charge of a lot of things and I was in a school.

"Before your Guild is sorted out, you need to select a Familiar. Come Miss Averis," he started walking down another corridor as he spoke. Christ, how big is this place? And what's a Familiar anyway?  I scuttled along after Silvanus, having to be careful not to step on his long robe thing. Several corridors and hundreds of steps later, we paused in-front of a large door. Silvanus opened it with a flourish, pulling me inside and slamming the door behind us. The room was full of animals! A dragon sat quietly in a corner and all kinds of dogs ran around the the room. Some snakes were dangling from a collection of branches , also joined by a array of multi-coloured birds, ad cats slept soundly beneath them. Xela would of loved this.

"These are Familiars. One of them was created for you Opeh, and you have to find it. Alone," he told me. I turned around to talk to him but he was gone. The door clicked shut and I heard him turning the key. What is it with these fucking people and locks? I turned back to around to face the animals and found all of their eyes locked on me. Kinda creepy. Actually, forget the 'kinda'. It's very creepy. How in the name of Saulaf am I supposed to find 'the chosen one'?


Who said that? Wait, don't be stupid Opeh, animals can't talk. I think...

Hello? Who's this?

Look in the corner by the tree.

I looked. A little fox stood there, barely higher than my knee. Her fur was a autumny red and wide, green eyes peered out of her face. Slowly, I approached her, never once taking my eyes off her.

What's your name?

Opeh. Opeh Averis. What's yours?


Do you know how to get out of here Alix?

Knock on the door three times.

I whacked on the door like she said/thought. It was opened so suddenly that I nearly fel flat on my face.

Nice one

Shut up

Rasco and Silvanus were stood there, eyebrows raised. A small smirk was creeping along Rasco's face, as if to say 'in your face bitch'. Screw him. He can think whatever he fucking wants about me and I wouldn't care.

"I see you've found your Famaliar. Rasco willl help you sort out your Guild. Off you go," he said it with enough carelessness to sink a battle ship. He could of at least tried to sound enthuastic. Me and Alix hurried along after Rasco down another corridor. How many bloody corridors can one place have?

"You planning on sticking around then?" he asked me over his shoulder not slowing down.

"What do you think?" Aren't Wizards supposed to be old and slow?

"No," That smirk was still there as he pushed me through a door. Rasco was wrong. I did stick around.

For three years.

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