The War Of No Hope

Every tyrant has to start somewhere. Especially the most terrifying and violent ones. This is the story of how one became one, and fell from grace at the same time...

Book 1 in the Chalson Chronicles. All rights reserved. Cover designed by Literia Lia.


8. Know The Enemy



By the time that I was nearly back at Winterbrook, I was almost in a good mood. Almost. Alix padded along beside me, trying to lick off the coal dust  as we went. We were definitely going to raise more than eyebrows when we got back. Nobody but Rasco has ever seen me in a dress before and everyone knows that Alix is a fox, not a walking lump of coal. As we reached the castle, I veered off to the left and around to the back. The coal lump threw me a look but stayed quiet. When we had got to the back of the place, I pressed in the nose of a gargolye. A hidden door swung open with a loud creak and we stepped in to the darkness. The whole place was full of these secret passages, from the Dark Days I guess. This one lead up to my apartment, so no one will see me in the snot dress. Thank Saulaf for that. We were going past the kitchens when I heard it.

"Come on, Rasco. Why have Opeh when you could have me?"

"Because Opeh's better than you any day, Aral."

I froze, my breath caught in my throat. I moved away a small piece of wood and peeked through in to the kitchen. My 'sister' was leaning against a table in about the smallest dress you could imagine and my boyfriend was sat on a table infront of her, giving her the death stare. Good boy.

"How? She's nothing special. Why have her when you could have me?" she purred, walked over to him and caressing his face. Ihad to resist the urge to storm in and punch the bitch around the face.

"She's your sister. What's your problem?" Rasco spat, batting her hand away. Aral flinched away like she'd been punched. A half smile crept across my face. There wasn't a hope in Eternal that she'll get my boyfriend; even I could see that.

"My problem is that I'm the better sister but she's more successful than me. That will change soon, Rasco. Just you wait and see," Aral said over her shoulder as she walked out, her high heels clicking against thr floor. That bitch! She's been here for less than a day and she's already after my boyfriend! I was seething with anger as we moved up the passageway. There's no way on this fucking lump of rock that I'll ever accept her as my sister. I might of but never in a million years now. When we were back at the apartment, I didn't even bother changing. I drew a quick sketch of Miss Bitch and pinned it to a target board with a dagger. Grabbing up a bow and some arrows, I fired repeatedly at the sketch. It took a whole armoury of arrows before I felt any better. If only Aral had thirty arrows sticking out of her in real lif, then maybe I would be happy. It was kind of werid how much I hate someone I only met that morning and how much she clearly hated me. Panting slightly, I yanked off my dress and slipped on trousers and a shirt. Not what  Chalson woman wear, but I honestly don't give a damn. Alix followed me, concerned, as I left the apartment. Grabbing a girl as she walked past, I muttered to her, "Go tell Silvanus that the vamp is dead. Oh, and Aral isn't to be trusted."

She nodded and hurried off. I turned and headed back inside. Why couldn't anyone else see the enemy?


The next month passed by in a blur. I had a kill nearly every day and when I didn't I was training non-stop or with Rasco. He hadn't mentioned what had happened between him and Aral, and I was glad for it. She wasn't doing too badly herself to be honest. Every un-attached guy in the place had a crush on her and she knew it. Somehow she was managing over 10 different lovers without a issue and keeping on Silvanus's good side. I haven't spoken to her again. If I did I'd only end up strangling her anyway her. Nothing really happened untill the second of June.


"Come on Opeh!" We're late!" She squealed, dragging me down the corridor to Silvanus's office. I laughed and shook her off with ease.

"And? We're always late Raven." I replied, walking slower just to annoy her. Silvanus had insisted that I got a apprentice for some random reason so I held a little contest thingy and got Raven. For a strong Warrior Wizard she doesn't half hate being late though!

"Which is why we shouldn't be late again! And for the millionth time, my name's Reay, not Raven," The girl snapped, her brown eyes narrowing slightly as she petted her deer Famaliar. I exchanged a look with Alix and rolled my eyes. She might aswell be a raven if I'm honest. She's already got the wings. We followed after them, knowing all too well that there was no point in arguing. Never get a apprentice who's smarter than you. Raven went to knock, but I walked right by her and in to the office. I could hear her groaning to herself as I flopped down in to a chair. I rolled my eyes (I seem to do that alot when Raven's around) and switchewd my attention to a un-surprised Silvanus.

"How kind of you ladies to finally pay me a visit," He said, looking us both in the eyes. I could of sworn Raven winced.

"Why did you want to see us this time, Slivanus?" I replied, petting his owl Famaliar. If this is another check up on my 'teaching skills' I swear going to strangle him. Raven seemed to guess that and shot me the 'don't you freaking dare' look.

"I've come to the decision that it's time for me to retire. I can't keep this up untill the End Of Days. The Order has agreed to this and has already set a date for the new Master Wizards cornation. Opeh will be crowned tomorrow," Silvanus explained, eyeing me intently. Oh my Saulaf. I was going to be the Master Wizard. Was this actually happening? Raven was staring at me, her mouth not even closed. Mine wasn't either.

"Ok. Does anyone else know about this?" Somehow my voice sounded normal and I dropped back in to reality.

"Only Rasco. He's helped with the planning," He replied, playing the papers on his desk. I nodded my understanding and walked out as quick as possible. Alix followed after me, tripping over her own paws. She seemed just as stunned as I was. I've got no idea what old Snowy said, or thought, to her, but it was probably to do with her becoming the new Master Famaliar. Raven hadn't followed after us; she was probably talking to Silvanus about new position as my heir. I walked straight past my apartment and Rascos and didn't stop untill I reached the garden.

Wait here


Just wait

Clicking the gate shut, I made my way through the rows of flowers until I reached a large axier tree. It had been hollowed out years ago and a small bench placed inside it. I flopped down on it and gazed out at the view infront of me. The garden was looking out at the mainland, the shimmering blue sea all that seprating us from the rest of Chalson. I could just see Tadley on the horzion with its wood cottages and trails of smoke coming out of chimmneys. Catcher flys and vivas floated gently around the beds of nightlove, xaler and laachs and Goldros's sung in the trees. No one really comes up here any more. It's too quiet for most people I guess. That's why I like it up here; I can disappear in to the world and no one would know. Well, people would notice but only a handful would care. Maybe becoming the Master Wizard will change that. Before all this I was just a ghost with no one caring but becoming the strongest Warrior Wizard changed that. I wasn't a ghost, anything but one, yet still no one cared. People will care when I'm crowned. I'll be in charge of them so they're going to have to care. Hopefully. Sighing, I trudged out of the tree hole and walked deeper in to the garden. A small pond with a large stone on its small, singular island stood in the middle of the vibrant colours and I settled myself down on the grass infront of it. The stone itself was a memorial to the causalties of the One Week War on it. All those people dead just because my uncle was a idiot and actually believed the lying piece of shit Manipolt. Thanks to him my family was all killed and half of Chalson died. It was all down hill from there. Maybe, if I can persuade the Order, we could go after him and kick him out. Bet half the country wouyld thank me for it. A furry creature jumped on my lap and I began absent mindly stroking it.

Thought I told you to wait outside

Since when do I listen?

Smiling, I hauled myself to my feet and walked out of the garden with Alix in my arms. She yelped and struggled the whole way back.

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