The War Of No Hope

Every tyrant has to start somewhere. Especially the most terrifying and violent ones. This is the story of how one became one, and fell from grace at the same time...

Book 1 in the Chalson Chronicles. All rights reserved. Cover designed by Literia Lia.


6. Happy Birthday Indeed



Nothing really happened in three years. Well, apart from me becoming the most powerful girl in the Warrior Guild (which I only joined to piss off Rasco), joining the Master Guild, becoming Silvanus's heir and becoming the most feared female Wizard in Granld. Oh, and I'm going out with Rasco.



All was still in the courtyard as the woman made her final walk up to the gallows. She held her head high, voluminous skirts trailing in such a way that they seemed to be leaving a trail of blood. Ravens yelled out in protest as she bowed her head for the hangman, the noose a perfect fit for her neck.

"No!" The cry echoed around the courtyard, scaring off the uninvited guests. It had come from a child, no older than ten. Before anyone could stop her, she had run up to the lady and was clinging to her skirts. Looking at her killer, the noose was quickly removed from her neck.

"Opeh, my sweet. It is time for me to go. But remember this. No matter where you are, no matter where I am, we will find each other some day. I love you with all my heart," Her voice was barely a whisper but it calmed the young girl. Rough hands grabbed Opehs arms, pulling her back in to the crowd.

Teardrops began rolling down her worn cheeks, splashing gently on her purple dress. It was all over in a secound. So quick was the death that warm blood still coursed through her veins as the limp body was carried away from the scene. The child buried her face in her hands, consumed by grief and anger. Her mother was dead.


I woke with a start; sweat was pouring down the face, my heart racing.

Was it her again?


Alix pounced up on my bed and pushed her head under my arm. I could feel my heart slowing down as I buried my face in her fur. Even after thirteen years, I still can't get over my mum. I nver will. The bracelet from Xela jingled on my wrist, reminding me of all the loses I've had. Crawling out of bed, we trudged in to the living room. Since I'm Silvanus's heir, I get my own apartment. A lot as changed in three years. Plonking myself down on the sofa, I stared at a massive pile of paper work. As if I was going to do that any time soon. A loud knock on the door split through the silence of the apartment and I slouched in my seat. Whoever it was would have to wait.

I'll get it


She padded over to the door, nudging it open with her paw. Damn her. She's going to make actually do the paperwork now. Sighed, I picked up a piece of paper and stared at it blankly.

"Mourning beautiful," A kiss was dropped on my cheek and he plonked himself down next to me.

"Mourning Rasco," I smiled and pushed my long black hair behind my ear. That's normally as lovey-dovey as we get. Niether of us really like that kind of thing anyway.

"Have ya forgotten what day it is Opeh?" What's he talking about?

"Thursday," I wasn't so caught up in magic to forget the day. Immer.

"Thursday the 1st of May. Your birthday," he grinned at me, a grin that could of made him heaps of cash. Saulaf, I forgot my own birthday!

"Turn around," his grin widened at my suprised face. I trusted him, so I did what he said. The boy moved the hair away from my neck and slipped a fine ribbon around it. I figured the small metal rose, smiling.

"It reminded me of you," he murmed, pulling me back so my head rested on his chest, "Happy birthday."

"Thanks," The paperwork can definitely wait.


Shut up


Rasco's not very new in my life in this way. We've been going out for about two years now and he's changed a lot in three years. His hair's still the same, despite my protests for him to cut it, but everything else is different. His body, his face and the way he sees me.  I've changed a lot as well. My hairs longer, I don't swear every other sentence any more . and I'm a Wizard. We stayed that for what seemed like forever, until a small knock interupted us.

I'll get it this time, Alix

Slipping out of Rasco's arms, I opened the door. A young kid was stood there, out of breath.

"Silvanus...wants to...see you...Miss Averies," he panted. I sighed. Probably another lecture on how my methods are 'too voilent'.

"Tell him I'll be there in ten minutes," I grabbed her a drink from the kitchen, passed it to her and closed the door. No one could accuse me of not caring.

"Who was it?" Rasco slipped his hands around my waist, turning me around to face him. I put my arms around his neck and cocked my head on one side. Why couldn't Silvanus give me the bloody day off? It is my birthday after all.

"I've got to see Silvanus in a few minutes," It's got to be urgent though. He never sends messengers for me before twelve. Shit. Rasco dropped a quick kiss on my nose and pushed me towards the door.

"Go on then," he smiled,  pretending to run after me. I laughed and pretended to be scared as I walked out with Alix. People in the corridor outside immediatly shyed away from me in fear. That's what you get if you're the most powerfull Warrior Wizard. I just flashed a smile at them and moved off towards Silvanus' office. To be honest, I just find it funny. It's been happening for so long I don't give a shit. It wasn't too long before I reached Silvanus' office, a place that I spend so much time in I might aswell live there. Not bothering to knock, I walked in and sunk in to a chair. Silvanus wasn't very different from three years ago. He is immortal after all. His hair's greyer, but that's about it.

"Thank you for knocking Opeh. I suppose you want to know why I called you here," Silvanus said to me, sitting back in his chair. I could tell by the look at his face that I wasn't going to like what he was going to say. Not waiting for a reply, he continued.

"You remember the lone traveller we took in last night? She's called Aral and she's claiming to be your sister. We've checked through your family records and it appears to be true. You've got a older sister Opeh," He sat, studying my face gravely. No. It couldn't be true. All my family died in that fucking attack by Balthazar, apart from me and Dad. Mum was hung when I was six and Dad died three years ago. There was no fucking way I could have a sister. I think. A knock at the door pierced through the silence.

"Come in," Silvanus answered to the knocker. A girl slipped through the door, sinking down next to me. She looked several years older than me (I'm twenty one today, so do the math) and had short, sleek blonde hair, about down to her shoulders. Nothing like me. My hair is long and black, just reaching my butt, and my brown eyes were much darker than hers. For a world where everyones eyes were brown, no-ones were exactly the same. The girl glanced at me and appeared to do a double take. Her eyes remained fixed on me, her perfect mouth hanging open slightly. What's her problem?

"Opeh, this is Aral. Your sister," I thought I saw a flash of warning in his eyes, but as soon as I noticed it was gone.

"Immer, it's you. It's really you," Aral muttered, looking astonished, "I can't believe I've finally found you."

"I don't remember you," my voice was cold. If I had a sister, my dad would of told me. If this was her idea of a joke, it's a pretty fucking cruel one.

"You wouldn't. You were only four when was exiled to Victlie and disowned by our parents," she explained, a hint of saddness in her voice. That explained everything. Not. I could remember things from when I was two, so I should remember her. Except I didn't. In no fucking way at all. I didn't even recongise her name.

"There will be time for a family catch-up later. Miss Averies, you're needed for a hunt. A single vampire has been spotted downtown and I want you to dispose of her. She's extremely strong, so be carefull," he handed me a map dotted with marks recording the sightings. Crap, can I really not have a break on my birthday? Sighing, shoved the map in to a pocket in my dress and got up to leave.

"Opeh?" I turned around to face Aral, my eyes locking on hers.

"Happy birthday."

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