The War Of No Hope

Every tyrant has to start somewhere. Especially the most terrifying and violent ones. This is the story of how one became one, and fell from grace at the same time...

Book 1 in the Chalson Chronicles. All rights reserved. Cover designed by Literia Lia.


1. Foreword

Welcome to the first book in the Chalson Chronicles. I don't really know what to write here if I'm honest, but here goes. When I first came up with the 'brillant' idea of the Chronicles, I thought it sounded great. Then I sat down the plan them. What the cockenamney* am I doing, I keep thinking. A few hurried texts to my closest friends later, even Animal Crossing: New Leaf was reminding me to carry one. The plan is to finish the Chronicles before I hit 20, giving me seven years for seven books. The two reasons I'm nervous are A) I've never finished a story before and B) I'm only thirteen. Not going to work idea that I'm still doing anyway 1 - Common sense 0. Perhaps it'll be the other way round when I finish. I don't have a Scoody Doo how I'm going to get this done, but I'm going to try anyway. The only thing that I know this that I'll have a very large electric and phone bill by the end.

The Raven Princess

Aged 13

*Anyone who watches the Big Bang Theory will get this :)

P.S- Hope ya'll enjoy the soundtracks to each chapter! If ya'll have any suggestions for any of the chapters than drop me a line and I'll check it out :D


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