The War Of No Hope

Every tyrant has to start somewhere. Especially the most terrifying and violent ones. This is the story of how one became one, and fell from grace at the same time...

Book 1 in the Chalson Chronicles. All rights reserved. Cover designed by Literia Lia.


7. All That In A Green Dress

By the time I got back to the apartment, my mind was reeling. There's no denying it. Well, I could of but it wouldn't of done much good. Fingering my necklace, I pushed open the door and started for my room. Rasco was long gone; a call had gone out for him just as I had reached the office. Once in my room, I grabbed my kit and changed in to some more discreet clothes. My room was fairly large, with white and purple paint and a wood floor. The bed stood in the middle of the room, covered in black sheets, and window hide in a corner. There was two large windows, one gazing out at the sea seprating Granld from the rest of Chalson and the other keeping a eye on the city itself. There wasn't a hint of red anywhere. Not even in the armoury by my bed. Alix scrurried after me as I strode out and towards the main gate. I was glad I had a hunt today; it would take my mind off things. Well, more like thing. Life can be a complete bitch sometimes. It makes you believe one thing and then throws some new shit at you the next secound. I was so far-away when I reached the main gate that I didn't notice someone watching me, or Alix growling at their Famaliar. Once I was, I checked my brief and sighed. This one was definitely powerfull. It takes more than a normal vamp to bite over one hundred people in one month, especially since the Great Sickness left last year and everyone was back to normal. As normal as can be when half the population of Chalson was dead anyway. I could sense Alix tensing beside me as we reached the edge of the city. She always got tense before a hunt, even with two years worth behind us.

You ready?

I think

Good. Can you sense her?

She's at the Fire Theatre



There's a performance on today. Balthazars going

Is that a bad thing?

I shot her a look and jogged off towards the shopping district. It seemed like we had a performance to prepare for.


After what has to be the quickest make-over ever, me and Alix walked in to the Fire Theatre. I'd only been there once before; Rasco had brought me here for a date. My long gown shimmered in the light as we moved to our seats. It wasn't a bad dress to be honest. If you forget the fact that it was bright green. Somehow I'd managed to persuade Alix to let me dip her in coal dust so she would look more like a dog than a fox. No freaking way would we of got in if we hadn't of changed. Our appearance had raised a few eyebrows anyway when we showed up. Probably our look was 'last age'. Fuck them. As the auidence began to fill up, I scanned every face, looking for my target. She had to be there somewhere. Alix was never wrong; she was the strongest Famaliar in Winterbrook.

Are you sure she's here?

Positive. See the blonde in the red dress?

Luckily there wasn't many blondes in red dresses. My eyes soon locked on one near the royal box, surveying the theatre. It had to be her. There was something about her that screamed vampire. I did a quick mental scan of the place, just to be sure. It was definitely her. Her aura stuck out like a sore thumb; gold and red isn't very discreet when you're surrounded by light blue and green. Thank Saulaf that vamps can't see auras though, since my gold and purple one was just as noticable. Keeping one eye on her, I relaxed a little. If she so much as moved a inch, I would know. A sudden hush came over the place as a lone actor walked on stage. It was only then that I got a good look around. The name the Fire Theatre was a very good name for the place. The circular place was painted a fiery red, golden flowers clinging to the walls like it was some kind of mutanted grass. People were crowded in the middle of the place, squished against the stage. I could of stood there, but I wouldn't of found my vamp. My seat was very high up and at a angle so I could see everything happening in the circle room. On the next seating level to me was the royal box. It was a brillant blue, the same colour as the Water Theatre on the other side of town, and was coated with the royal coat of arms and silver roses. Balthazar and his 'precious' court were sat up there, talking amongst themselves despite the hush of everyone else. Eventually they were reduced to silence by the actor as he began to speak, but I wasn't listening. All my attention was trained on the vampire while the rest of the performance passed by in a blur. I don't even remember what performance it was. As soon as the curtain call had finished, she was out of there. Perfect. I shook myself back to reality and we rushed after her, pushing our way through the crowd. The only people who had left beore the vamp were everyone in the royal box. Including Balthazar. His coach was just leaving when we got out,  closely flanked by my kill. It was pretty clear who she was after. Normally I would be urging someone on to kill him, but I wasn't. Mainly because I had to kill her before she killed him. I actually wouldn't care if he was bitten; I would probably get to kill him anyway. That's what I wanted more than anything else.

Come on O, we've got a vamp to kill

We followed the vamp closely, never once letting her out of our sight. It wasn't too long before the coach stopped and Balthazar was alone in it. I could sense her excitement as she neared it, all her (and my) senses tingling. Too bad that she would never get her kill. Lunging forward, I tackled her in to a side alley. Perhaps wearing a dress wasn't my best idea yet. Hissing at me, she tryed to dodge around me and get back to Balthazar. No fucking way was she getting around me alive.

"Why are you leaving so soon?" I smirked at her, "The show's only just started.

She hissed at me again and her eyes flashed a dangerous red. Someone's pretty pissed.

"If you're going to kill me, you've got another thing coming," she swung a punch at me, aiming for my face. I ducked and shoved her further down the alley. My fist connected with her nose, foot with stomach. She doubled over and fell to her knees. I grabbed a dagger from a pouch in my gown, ready to kill. But I didn't. She was soon behind me and punching me in the back. Pain roared through me as I lashed out in every direction. All I could hear was her cackling as she dodged my fists. Fuck her vampire powers. I lashed out again and accidently stood on her dress. She tripped over, letting out a small shriek. I plunged my knife in to her heart. Dead. I stood over her body, breathing heavily. All that in a green dress.

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