the adopted kid and the tattoo kid artist (1D)

Laylony is an orphan she's deaf from one ear and wears hearing aids she gets adopted by one direction they give her three weeks to get to know her once shes ready they send to a private school where she meet a girl mealonie that looks like a trouble maker will the boys accept her only friend and find out her past as well read more to find out


3. sign language

Laylonies pov

I wake up and I notice that this isn't the room I sleep in or bed or floor or house. I saw a knight stand with a device I've never seen. I leave it where it is and open the door and slowly walk downstairs to see a guy look at me and say something and walks towards me I make a run for it. As I head for the door some curly haired guy blocks the door I get scared I don't hear or understand suddenly a guy gives me a paper that says "we adopted you " I hug him and sign "I'm sorry My hearing aids are broken I need to get new ones soon " he nodded hehe signed back " it's alright welcome home little sister" I smiled and impressed they adopted me and that he knew sign language. At that moment I instantly hugged him and I couldn't let go the rest came to hug me I felt so loved and not abused this family is the first I really love. I signed to him "what was that white thing you left on the knight stand""that's you iPhone "

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