the adopted kid and the tattoo kid artist (1D)

Laylony is an orphan she's deaf from one ear and wears hearing aids she gets adopted by one direction they give her three weeks to get to know her once shes ready they send to a private school where she meet a girl mealonie that looks like a trouble maker will the boys accept her only friend and find out her past as well read more to find out


1. new people




          Liams pov


    Simon told us we hve to adopt a kid so we can be more responcible yup that includes me  so were on are way as i speak    

*skip car ride* were at the orphanage to adopt a kid as soon as we get in all the kids smile and wlk up to us ,but one kid was at a table what looks like homework i walk up to her shes doing math she looks around 15 and right away i tell the boys "i think I've found our sister"

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