the adopted kid and the tattoo kid artist (1D)

Laylony is an orphan she's deaf from one ear and wears hearing aids she gets adopted by one direction they give her three weeks to get to know her once shes ready they send to a private school where she meet a girl mealonie that looks like a trouble maker will the boys accept her only friend and find out her past as well read more to find out


2. family famous

Laylony's pov

So I today visitors are coming to adopt yay not. Ever happy couple always wants a little kid not a teenager. So I'm doing my homework on the kitchen table. I took off my hearing aids and put them in my back pocket.

I noticed there was two shadows I look up to see a guy watching me I fall off the chair land on my butt I get up and ran to my room locked the door took out my hearing aids and their broken. I had these hearing aids since I was five to replace them it's 200$ I don't have any money just my luck.

I feel a tap on my shoulder to see Ms.Lockman with five other guys. She sees my hearing aids broken she takes her belt off and beats me with it.

Nialls pov

I can't believe what I'm seeing this house mother is beating her me and Harry push the abuser away from her we already adopted her and she's hurting and knocked out. I carried her out I realized we never knew her name " Liam what's her name"" umm... Laylony" wow that's a new one (skip ride home ) I laid her in her bed and left her to sleep.

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