We are one *harry styles fan fic*

Skye is a "normal" fan of one direction. She's not normal she's a vampire/witch. One of the most dangerous yet most powerful being in the planet. She knows one directions secret when she walks in on them but doesn't freak.


1. Skye Horan

Hello my name is Skye Horan and I am Niall horans twin sister. Yes THE Niall Horan.  Problem is. He doesn't know I exist. I am a witch/vampire. One of the most powerful and dangerous being there is. I have bleached blonde hair it's naturally brown, my eyes are baby blue and I have every facial feature of Niall. I don't have any friends, I also get physically bullied by Jason the popular guy at West London High School. His girlfriend, Kathy, thinks she has the power. Palease I can think of 100 ways of killing her in 3 seconds. Anyway yeah, I am nialls height I love food, I'm cheeky and I'm going to nialls concert and I'm a have V.I.P passes to see them. Niall has been told that a 'special someone' is coming to see them (me;)) gotta fly into a brick wall see ya:)

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