We are one *harry styles fan fic*

Skye is a "normal" fan of one direction. She's not normal she's a vampire/witch. One of the most dangerous yet most powerful being in the planet. She knows one directions secret when she walks in on them but doesn't freak.


3. Secrets

Skye's POV 

"Alright, get on the bus everyone!" Paul calls. Niall pulled me on the bus first "oh my gosh this is beautiful!" I say "you like it?" Harry asks "of course I do!" I say "alighty Niall and Skye you share a bunk-" "IM ON TOP BUNK!?!" I scream cutting Paul off "ugh harry and Louis you are sharing a bunk. And zayn and Liam are sharing a bunk okay?" Paul asks earning a lot of 'okays' from everyone. "SKYE! What did you bring with you?" Paul asks "not much" I say like it was nothing "I probably only brought a few clothes, pyjamas, sneakers and that's it. OH! My hairbrush and toothbrush" I say looking in my small bag "I. Hate. These. Shoes!" I say taking the red pumps off of my aching feet "and I hate this dress, where's the toilet?" I ask breathing really heavy at how tight this dress was "over there." Liam says pointing to it. I run to it and go inside of it remembering to lock the door "I hate this dress!" I say ripping it off and feeling nice wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I walk out and ask Niall "hey Niall, which one is our bunk?" I ask "this one" he says lying down on the bottom bed and playing his phone "yay I'm on top bunk!" I say hoping on top bunk "okay!" Harry screams hopping on the top bunk next to me and nialls "hi" harry says "hey harry-" "can you get us a pizza please?" I finish nialls sentence "yeah whatever" harry says "haha" Louis laughs falling off the bottom bunk "you guys. Are freaky!" Louis says getting back into his bunk. "Umm Niall can I ttalk to you in private?" I ask squatting next to him after I got off my bunk "sure thing" Niall says taking me to the kitchen "okay we are actually MAGICAL siblings" I say "pfft hahaha" Niall laughs "want me to prove it huh?" I ask "yeah sure" Niall says. I concentrate on Niall floating "look down" I say. He looks down and screams "we are witches!?!" Niall screams too loud "what's happening?" Louis asks coming in just as I drop Niall on his feet "ahh she's a..a..a..a witch!  A WIZARD!?!" Niall screams "pfft very funny. Prove it then" Louis asks "I-I can't!" I scream running off the bus and float to the top of the bus and cry. I just lay there making 0 noise tolerance "SKYE! SKYE WHERE ARE YOU!?!" Harry yells. I roll over and tap the top of the bus until he looks at me "HOLY SHIT HOW DID YOU GET UP THERE!?!" Harry asks. I make him float without pointing to him. And put him on the top of the bus. I start to cry again as I feel warm arms around me "shh..." I hear harry comforting me "HEY FUCK TART!" I hear Kathy yell "I'm not in the mood Kathy!?!" I yell back standing up and looking at her "SOO WHY DON'T YA COME DOWN HERE YA WHORE!!" Kathy screams "one for one?" I ask floating down to the ground "y-yeah" she says in a shaky voice "alright COME AT ME!" I yell  crossing my arms over my chest "AARRGGHH" she was about to punch me when she stops and punches herself "haha" harry laughs falling off the bus "HARRY!?" I make him float in mid air "how are you doing this?" Harry screams standing up as I drop my hold "if I tell you, you'd get people to throw pich forks at me and set me alight!" I say twisting Kathy's arm 

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