We are one *harry styles fan fic*

Skye is a "normal" fan of one direction. She's not normal she's a vampire/witch. One of the most dangerous yet most powerful being in the planet. She knows one directions secret when she walks in on them but doesn't freak.


2. Hello big bro

Skye's POV 

AHH. I only have 1 more hour till I see my brother. EEK. Sorry fangiring about seeing my brother. Haha. Yeah I'm in the line and I'm the last one. Only 35 screaming fans to go till I see.....you know. Okay the first girl came out crying and saying "I LOVE YOU NIALL!" And then she ran off to a group from my school "hey loser, wht are YOU here for" Kathy says poking my chest "my brother" I say casually "oh I bet your brother is a fan right?" Kathy asks "no" I say crossing my arms over my chest "pfft no one could ever love you. You ugly bitch" Kathy says trying to slap me but her hand stops right next to my face and she can't move it "I wouldn't do that lovy" I say smirking but releasing the my spell from her now paralyzed arm "NEXT?!!?" A tall bulgy guy says pointing to the girl in front of me "oh and Kathy. Your calling Niall ugly if you say I'm ugly" I say "NU huh" she says "uh huh" I say mocking her voice "uh, girls!" She says walking away "SKYE!" Paul screams for me "here" I say raising my hand "oh you are coming in now" Paul says dragging me to a closed curtains "ready?" Paul asks "huh yeah" I say. 3.2.1. Here I go. I walk in and see 4 head on the couch and a blonde stuffing his face "ello love" curly says "hi" I say shyly "OMG you look identical to me!" Niall says standing besides me and pointing to me "Niall, she is your twin" Paul says coming in and patting his back "she will be staying with us all the time now" Paul says "uhh hehe" I say as everyone's mouth drops "I HAVE A SISTER!!?!" Nial screams and dances around me "ugh hehe yeah" I say "yay we get a girl on your with us:)" Louis squeals joining in with Niall "YAY I GET TO BE HOME SCHOOLED" I say joining in "wait your 19" Niall says "yeah I got kept down on prep, I didn't know my numbers" I say looking down "wait so how long was I born before or after you?" Niall asks "we'll to be precise you were born 10 seconds before I was" I say "sweet" Niall says "are we like magical twins where-" "we finish eachothers sentences? Yeah" I cut him off "AW-" "SOME"'I finish him off. Everyone starts to crack up "wow you really open up a lot" ugh I think Louis sas "yeah, I bet I'm more stupid then you Louis" I say putting my hands I. My pocket "oh really now?" Louis asks "what do you think sass king?" I say making a z formation with my hands acting all posh "alright you've won this round, we'll finish this on the bus!" Louis says "haha" I say sarcastically "okay deal" I say this is gonna be weird.




A/N sorry it's a short chapter ill post longer ones

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