Life of a Secret Princess (Niall Fanfic)

Tenika was living the princess life in Spain. She had all the clothes, all the shoes and all the money. It's a perfect life. No one knows who she is or that she's a princess except for everyone in her kingdom. What happens when she has to leave that all behind and has to leave the country to protect her family, friends and country? What happens when she has to learn to face reality and take care of herself? What happens when she meets One Direction? Stay Tuned.


6. This is the plan

The helicopter stopped in front of a small, abandoned house in the middle of the desert. I was unbuckling my seatbelt when the door opened. There stood Major Marshall holding up a pair of boots. "Here Princess. You are going to need these to walk on the sand because of all the animals and if the sand gets into your shoes then your feet will burn" I didn't even know sand could be that hot. I took my shoes of and put the boots on. I jumped out of the helicopter and walked to the front door of the house and watched the helicopter fly away. I heard what sounded like beeping noise. I turned my attention back to the door where it opened. Marshall motioned me to go inside. I walked into a concrete room. Marshall walked in after me. He put on a pair of black leather gloves. He then untied a rope and i could feel the room starting to move. It kept moving until it hit something. The door opened and i saw people in black suits walking all over the room."You must be Princess Tenika. My name is Anna, I'm the head of the EPS". I was confused, i didn't know where i was, who these people were or what they were talking about. "The EPS?" i asked. "Endangered Princess Society. We keep princesses all over the world safe but hiding them somewhere where no one would even think of looking for a princess. Just yesterday we took a princess from Africa and put her in the heart of Australia. She is well protected there, and so are all the other princesses". I still didn't want to be here, but i knew this was for my own good, my kingdom's good and for my mum's good. If i don't do this who knows what's going to happen. "Where will i go?" I didn't want to go anywhere horrible but i had no choice. "We don't  know yet. First you need to go through makeup, then wardrobe then you leave and we will tell you where just before you leave" knowing what was going to happen, i felt a bit better.

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