Life of a Secret Princess (Niall Fanfic)

Tenika was living the princess life in Spain. She had all the clothes, all the shoes and all the money. It's a perfect life. No one knows who she is or that she's a princess except for everyone in her kingdom. What happens when she has to leave that all behind and has to leave the country to protect her family, friends and country? What happens when she has to learn to face reality and take care of herself? What happens when she meets One Direction? Stay Tuned.


5. Running From Danger

Jasmine's POV

I was walking to the palace and listening a One Direction and Little Mix mash ups through my ear phones. When I got to the gate there weren't any guards. I walked into the ballroom in the palace where Tenika was doing a photoshoot. I watched her for awhile until i saw Maria. She looked over at me, I smiled and waved at her but all she could do was look worried. I went over to she what was wrong. "¡Hola Maria, what's wrong?" Before she answered she grabbed my hand and took me out of the room. I could tell this was important. "He's here, he's in the palace and he's here to hurt Tenika". Now i was getting heaps scared. "How do you know?"I wanted to know how and when he got into the palace.  "The last time i saw him he said 'a month before your daughters 18th birthday, i will get into the palace and i will get her'" now I was really scared. I saw Maria starting to cry. "mi hija. I love her so much". Just then we heard screaming in the ballroom. It was Rico, standing at the back of the room and watching Tenika's every move. Maria and i ran in front of her to protect her. "¡Hola girls, Maria, i see you look as beautiful as ever" he said getting closer and closer. Just then a man fell from the roof and knocked out Rico. He started running out of the room an told us to follow him. We looked at Maria and she nodded. We ran behind him and he lead us to the roof of the palace where there was a helicopter ready to take off. I looked at Tenika who was out of breathe and was staring at the helicopter. "Tenika mi hija, go with Marshall, he will keep you safe. You must make sure you listen to what he says ok?" She nodded she came over to me and gave me a big hug. "Te amo Jasmine" she whispered in my ear. "I love you too" I said before we broke apart and she got in the hellicopter. Within seconds it started flying away. My best friend was gone. 

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