Life of a Secret Princess (Niall Fanfic)

Tenika was living the princess life in Spain. She had all the clothes, all the shoes and all the money. It's a perfect life. No one knows who she is or that she's a princess except for everyone in her kingdom. What happens when she has to leave that all behind and has to leave the country to protect her family, friends and country? What happens when she has to learn to face reality and take care of herself? What happens when she meets One Direction? Stay Tuned.


4. Protect my daughter

Maria's POV

Today we were getting everything ready for Tenika's birthday. Ever since she was eight she had wanted a surprise birthday party. She didn't say when she wanted it but I could tell she wanted her 18th to be a surprise. I was in the kitchen testing food that the chef was cooking for her party. "Si. Wonderful Carlos, you have done it again" I said to the chef after tasting Tenika's birthday cake. Just at that moment i could hear someone calling me in Spanish "Reina María. Hay alguien que quiere verte".  When they said that someone was here to see me (written in Spanish), I could think of two people, Rico or Major Mashall from the DPH. I went upstairs and sure enough is was Major Marshall. "¡Hola Queen Maria. My name is Major Marshall, but I'm sure the agency told you that I was coming". He seemed nice but he was here to protect Tenika. "Si, they did. Just remember you cannot let her see you while you are here. Once Rico comes from then on she can know you are here but not before. Do I make myself clear?" I wanted him to understand how important this is. "Yes my queen, you have my word" I knew he was taking this as serious as i was. "Now there is only one thing i need you to do" he looked ready for anything when I said that. "Protect my daughter".

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