Life of a Secret Princess (Niall Fanfic)

Tenika was living the princess life in Spain. She had all the clothes, all the shoes and all the money. It's a perfect life. No one knows who she is or that she's a princess except for everyone in her kingdom. What happens when she has to leave that all behind and has to leave the country to protect her family, friends and country? What happens when she has to learn to face reality and take care of herself? What happens when she meets One Direction? Stay Tuned.


1. Perfect Life

My name is Tenika, Tenika Larkham. You may not have heard of me but that's ok, a lot of people don't know me. I'm the princess of Costaluna. It is a small kingdom in Spain. There are about 1000 people in total of population. I live in the palace with my mother, she is the queen of Costaluna. My dad died when i was young because he was in the war. I don't remember much about him. My life right now though is perfect. I have everything a seventeen year old girl could want. The only thing is that i have to marry by my next birthday and there is no one that I'm in love with. I'm not allowed to leave the palace so that makes it harder. The only person that i talk to that is my age is Jasmin. She's only two days younger than me and she vists the palace everyday to come and see me. We are so close that everyone in the palace knows her and we are like her second family. She will keep telling me about who I should marry but i already have a boy in mind. The only thing is he doesn't know about me. He's in my favourite band of all time which is One Direction. Jasmin is obsessed with them. She always knows when there is something new about them. She has a massive crush on Harry, and me? Well, I like Niall. He has a certain something that makes me get goosebumps. Other than that, i would say I'm living the perfect life. 

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