Life of a Secret Princess (Niall Fanfic)

Tenika was living the princess life in Spain. She had all the clothes, all the shoes and all the money. It's a perfect life. No one knows who she is or that she's a princess except for everyone in her kingdom. What happens when she has to leave that all behind and has to leave the country to protect her family, friends and country? What happens when she has to learn to face reality and take care of herself? What happens when she meets One Direction? Stay Tuned.


3. Not-So Perfect Life

Maria's POV

My name is Maria. I am the queen of Costaluna. You have already met my daughter Tenika and she has told you how perfect her life is. But there are some things that she didn't tell you becuase she doesn't know about anything that i am about to tell you. Her father, Diego, died when she was young but he didn't die in war. He was murdered. the man who was going to marry me before i married Diego killed him and he siad that Tenika was next. Like any other mother i called someone to take her away if Rico tried to get to her. I called an agency that helps princesses who need to stay in hidding until it is safe for her to go back home. They were called 'Distressed Princess Hiders(D.P.H)'. I knew that they would keep Tenika safe until Rico had given up searching for her. I don't let her leave the palace because of Rico. He has men roaming around the streets looking for Tenika because they think that she is out there some where. Even Jasmin has to sneak in and out of the palace and her own home. I feel sorry for her but if she risks getting seen by Rico and his men, then she is the best friend for Tenika in this whole kingdom. I just wish that Tenika didn't have to stay locked up her whole life. I know that she wants to see the world and i know that she is going to try to escape sooner or later, i want it to be later.

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