That One Summer

Trayka is a 19 year old girl who lives with her Aunt and Uncle after her parents mysteriously died when she was 5. She doesn't have any friends, brothers or sisters, she's just alone by herself in the world. But one Summer changes her life for good, one guy becomes more than she thought he would.


8. Secrets

I woke up the next morning with Harry's big strong tattooed arms around my small body. My hands were in his. I leaned down and kissed them and that's when he woke up. He groaned and then finally opened his eyes and stared over at me. I felt his soft lips kiss my neck and send chills down my spine. "Morning, beautiful." I rolled over and smiled "Morning, handsome." I replied with a smile. He kissed my lips and I felt his fingers run through my hair. He pulled back and chuckled. "I could wake up to your face every morning, baby." He said as he stared at me. I smiled as I gently pushed him "Shut up." I hid my face in the sheets to hide my red cheeks. He chuckled and then I felt the sheets fly up. I smiled as I saw Harry get under the sheets with me. He got on top of me and winked at me. "What?" I asked giggling. He shook his head with a smile "I need to repay you for last night. It was incredible!" I looked to my side and then back at him. I was kind of nervous, because I didn't know what he meant by he was going to "repay" me. I gulped. "Wha- what do you me- mean, babe?" I asked. He smirked from above me and kissed me. When he pulled back, he started moving down and watched me the entire time. He kissed my hip bones and started nibbling on them. He left a love bit on them. It hurt, I had such sensitive skin. He slid down more and watched me as he slid off my panties. His rough fingertips touched me lightly on my area. "So beautiful." he whispered to himself. He finally broke away from it and looked at me. His eyes were almost black and his eyebrows were furrowed. "I bet you taste so good. I need to taste you." I bit my lip as I felt my body tense. I've never had a guy eat me out before.


Harry didn't even wait for me to reply, he grabbed my legs and threw them over his shoulders. Harry blew on me before his mouth pressed against me. "How deep do you want my tongue?" he asked me. I lifted my head and looked at him. "A- all the way..." I said so innocently. I threw my head back down on the pillow. I felt Harry's lips kiss against mine and I moaned as I felt them. He dipped his head between my legs. His eyes were focused on me and I felt his tongue give my clit a lick. I moaned in response and pulled his head closer. He then flipped me over and now he was on bottom and I was rubbing my area on his mouth as I moaned. He flicked his tongue against my clit multiple times. He made me want to writhe over him.


Harry moved suddenly to kiss my soft skin of the inside of my thighs. "Harry," I pleaded desperately. He winked up at me and dipped his tongue into my entrance, moaning as he did. "God, I knew you tasted incredible."


Harry buried his wet tongue inside me. He found all the right spots.

"Oh fuck, yes, faster, baby!"  His tongue went faster and faster. I bit my lip and gripped a handful of his curls. The pleasure was too much and I felt tears forming in my eyes. I was getting so overwhelmed form all of it. Too much was happening all I once. I felt my muscles deep in my lower stomach. "I-" I leaned over and both my arms were on each side of him. "I'm- I'm so close, baby!" I screamed breathing heavily.


His finger slipped inside me. "Are you gonna come for me? Hmm?" I felt his finger curl inside me, then my fingers twisted in his curls hard enough to hurt. My eyes closed shut; I couldn't control myself if I saw his face between my legs one more time.


"Look at me." he demanded.


I didn't, because I couldn't. I was froze. "Look at me." he demanded in his raspy voice. I looked down at him and my nails dug into his shoulders. I started moaning like a mad women, my hands we tangled in my own hair as i climaxed in his mouth. Harry drank form me and I heard slurping noises.


He crawled back up to me and kissed me as his thumb stroked my cheek. I've never been eaten out before, but that was the BEST ever. He pulled away and smiled at me. "How was that?" I still had my eyes closed and was still panting. "Oh my god..." I giggled and opened my eyes and saw him above me staring at me. "You're so tasty." he smirked. I pushed him off and giggled again. I sat up and grabbed my clothes. I stood up and put on my underwear. I looked around searching for my shirt I came here with. "Harry, where is my shirt?" I asked. Harry shrugged. I couldn't find it anywhere.


This was perfect, I couldn't find my shirt, I didn't even tell my aunt I was staying somewhere else last night. She didn't even know I had a boyfriend.


"Oh, man." I said.running my fingers through my hair.  Harry looked over at me. "Just wear mine, babe." I smiled and nodded and grabbed his plaid shirt. I buttoned it up and then put on my shorts. I realized I didn't have my bra on. "Oh, shit..." I mumbled. I searched for it. I looked everywhere for it, under the bed, on my side and couldn't find it. I heard Harry chuckle, he then threw my hot pink bra behind him. "That what you're looking for?" I closed my eyes and tilted my head back in embarrassment. I just shoved it in my bag, I didn't want to take the time to put it on. I walked over to where Harry sat "I gotta go, baby." I said grabbing him by the neck and kissing him.I pulled back a bit and stared at him in his green eyes and smirked at him. ."Thanks for giving me that amazing orgasm. I'll be thinking about it all day." I winked. He smiled "Well, if you can't control yourself and decide to do something, call me, baby." he leaned back in and bit my lip. I moaned and he let go "Got it, baby." I walked over to the door and opened it and turned to wait and see if her said anything. "I love you, sweetie." he smiled. I smiled back and replied, "I love you, too, my handsome British Boyfriend." I smiled as I shut the door and heard him chuckle as I did.




I drove home and tried to be quiet as I sneaked back in up to my room. "Don't move, Missy!" I heard my Aunt Carla's voice.

Crap! I squeezed my eyes shut as I heard her voice echo.

I turned around and saw her and Uncle Gene standing in the kitchen, they looked pretty angry. "Hi..." I waved and said in kind of an awkward way. Uncle Gene shook his head "Where have you been?" he asked folding his arms over his chest. I looked to my left and then my right, then back up at them. I was trying to think of a good believable excuse. "A Friends house?" Aunt Carla shook her head at me "And which friend would this be? The one with the curly hair and black Mustang? And the one who's clothes you come home in?" my jaw dropped, but I didn't say anything. I was wondering how she knew. "How do you know he has curly hair and a black Mus-" she cut me off "I saw you guys leave the other day." I was kind of confused, was I in trouble for sneaking in? Or having a boyfriend? I put my hand on my hip and stared back at her, "So what is this about? I can't have a friend?" My Aunt looked even more irritated with me. "You know he's not 'Just' a friend. And you know what this is about. You know I worry about you. What if those people who killed your mom and dad are still out there? What if they're looking for you?"

"Don't you think if they wanted me, they would of found me by now?" I snapped back. I was perfectly fine being out late. "Plus, Harry wouldn't let anything happen to me." I replied. "Are you guys having sex?" she asked.

Great. Here we go with this.

"Yes." I replied.

"Oh my, god." my uncle covered his ears. My Aunt gave me a look "I thought he was just friends? And you could of at least lied." I shrugged "Why? And we are just friends." I smiled. I didn't want her to know he was my boyfriend just yet. "I don't like this new attitude, either. You never used to act like this. Maybe this boy is bad for you." I shrugged again "or maybe he's just right for me." and I walked up the stairs. I let her know I was done with this conversation.


I opened my door and threw my bag down. I took out my phone and called Harry.

"That didn't take long did it?" I knew what he was talking about. "Oh please, babe. Don't flatter yourself that much." I joked. I heard him chuckle and say, "Oh, psh. I know you've been thinking about my tongue inside you since you-" I cut him off as I smiled "My Aunt knows about you, or somewhat." I said. "So?" Harry said. "Well, I don't want her to. She just thinks we're friends. So if she ever asks..."

"Okay..." he said. I know he was confused about it, but...honestly it was for the best. I didn't want her to do, like a background check on him. He's not a criminal, or anything.

But since the death of my parents, she's been this way. Hence why I have no friends or never had dates.


I knew that would drive him away...

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