That One Summer

Trayka is a 19 year old girl who lives with her Aunt and Uncle after her parents mysteriously died when she was 5. She doesn't have any friends, brothers or sisters, she's just alone by herself in the world. But one Summer changes her life for good, one guy becomes more than she thought he would.


6. Love Happened

Harry and I laid in bed after we just got done doing the deed. The dirty deed that is.

Harry and I were cuddling and holding each other, when Harry gets up out of no where and starts going through my drawers. I sat up holding the sheet over my bare chest looking at him go through my clothes. "What are you looking for, Harry?" I asked.

"Do you have a glue gun?" He asked looking over at me.


He smiled and shut the drawer "I wanna glue our hands together so we could stay like this forever." I giggled and threw my head back.

"You're soo cheesy, Styles." I said as I looked from the ceiling back over to him. He laughed and reached over and played with my hair. 

"I wanna kiss you. You know where?" He asked.

"I don't know. My lips?"

"Nope." He smiled and shook his head.

"My cheek?" I guessed again, but he smiled and shook his head again. "My neck. That's gotta be it, you always kiss my neck-"

"I do, but nope, not this time."

I threw my hands up. "Well then, I don't know where you want to kiss me. You have to tell me."  He leaned in. I felt his warm breath on my lips and his nose barely touched mine.

"In a Church, in front of all our family and friends and of course, god." He said as he pointed up and smiled his cheeky smile.

"Again, cheesy." I giggled. Harry laughed as his green eyes lit up and his dimples appeared.

"Yes, but I'm sweeping you off your feet." He said leaning in more. I smiled as my thumb brushed over his soft lips.

"The crazy thing is..." I then ran my hand through his curly hair and looked into his eyes, locking in a deep stare "You kind of are." His smile was now bigger as he leaned down and kissed me.


Harry laid back on his back again and laid there as my head rested on his chest. We were wrapped up in each others arms and not making a sound. I was just listening to him breath and his heart beat, which to me, those were the two most beautiful sounds I've ever heard in my life.


Were we moving too fast? I mean, was it too soon to be even sleeping with him? I felt something with him. I guess there were other ways to show him that, but...I- I lost my control for a minute. I wasn't a bad person, was I?


I laid there on his chest thinking when I realized. Marriage...he just talked about marriage...


"Harry?" I asked softly.

"Yeah?" I held my head on my fist that was on his chest.

"Do- do you really want to marry me?" I felt my heart beat fast and it felt as if it was going to beat right out of my chest.

"Gee babe, I don't know, since I just told you." He chuckled as he ran his fingers through my hair. I sighed and looked away and then back at him.

"I know- I just- People say that, but-" He lifted my chin up with his fingers and smiled as he looked right into my greenish blue eyes. "If things keep going the way they are now, yes. But no one can know for sure-" I frowned and felt tears sting my eyes at that exact moment.

"Because we could either, stay committed to each other, or end up hating each other and go on with our lives as if we never met." Those words fell out of my mouth.

Look at me, over here assuming like I knew that's what he meant.

Harry wiped my tears away as they fell out of my eyes from the thought of losing him. This is just what this guy does to me. "Baby, I can defiantly see myself married to you- I can, but I don't know what could happen in the future. You know, it's a mystery to everyone, but you need to know that, I won't ever hate you and go on like I never ever knew you. I can't hate the girl who flipped my world upside down and made me change myself instantly. You caught my heart within seconds. But for right now, let's be together and live life to the fullest. We might reach that level someday. When the time is right." He said as he kissed my forehead. I closed my eyes and laid my head back down on his fist.

"Yeah." I smiled. Harry's phone buzzed and I jumped a bit and looked up. "Who's that?" I asked.

"My friends. They want to meet up with me." I got up and so did he. He picked up his clothes off the floor and got dressed. I sat at my bedside and put my bracelets back on. That sucks actually, I didn't want him to go.

I felt Harry climb on the bed behind me and kiss my spine up to my shoulder and rested his head there. "Come with me?" He asked.

"What? Do your friends even know about me?" I asked looking behind me. Harry took out his phone and texted someone He smiled and looked up at me "Now they do."

I giggled. "No, go see your friends. I think we can manage not seeing each other for awhile." I said turning back around.

"Ummm, I don't think I can, love. I mean, now that we just had sex and everything. I don't think I can..." I turned back around and saw him smirking.

"Do you really want me to meet your friends now?" I asked smiling at him. He nodded his head and then pushed his curls out of his face.


Okay, what the hell. Might as well.




We arrived at Ritters Frozen Yogurt and I saw 4 boys sitting at a table.

"Harry-" I grabbed his hand that was turning the keys to turn off the car. He looked over at me and stared, waiting for me to finish. I looked away from the group of boys and then over at Harry. "What if they don't like me?" Harry stared at me for a moment and then laughed as he got out of the car. I was confused. Why didn't he answer?

I got out of the car and walked by Harry's side and held onto his hand tight.

"Guys..." They all turned their heads as they heard Harry's voice. We stood in front of the group of boys. "This is Trayka." Harry said introducing me. "Hi." I said with a smile to all of them.

"Holy potato..." a blond one said in an Irish accent as he ran his fingers through his hair. I looked up at Harry, I was kind of confused if he meant that in a good or bad way. Harry stared at the boy.

"That's Niall. He's- he's...well, you'll get used to him." I looked back down at him. He stared at Harry and then looked at me.

"I'm Niall..." He held out his hand.

"Oh...hi." I said shaking it and I smiled. 

"Just so you know. I like food, jokes and Nandos." I shook my head and raised my eyebrows.

"Oh, well that's good to know. Thank you." I smiled politely.  Harry shook his head at Niall and introduced me to the next boy.

"This is Louis. He's like my big brother."

I smiled as I shook his hand also. "Hi."

"Mama Mia..." He said in a British accent as he winked as he shook my hand. I smiled at the tall, tanned brown haired boy.

"This is Zayn Malik."

"Oh, cool name." I said as I shook his hand as well. He smiled.

"You, too. Very unique." He was also British.

"Thank you." I smiled.

"And last, but not least, Liam Payne." Harry said as he patted Liam on the back. Liam smiled.

"Hello." He said shaking my hand in a very elegant way. He bowed.

"Oh...hi." I smiled shocked that someone still had such good manners like that.

They seemed like a very nice group of guys, I guess I didn't really have anything to worry about.




We sat around the table for what seemed like hours just talking.

"Well, guys. I think I better get her home so she can get some rest. She had a rough night." Harry said as he winked at me. I looked away and smiled shyly.

"Well, it was nice meeting you guys." I said getting up with my hand in Harry's.

"You too." They all said and nodded.Harry said his goodbyes and we were off.




When we arrived at my house, we stood on the front porch. "You have fun?" Harry asked me.

I nodded and smiled. "I did, you're friends are lovely." I said.

"Yeah, they- they keep me grounded. But you're what keeps me both grounded and alive." He smiled leaning in.. I giggled.

"I think I can say the same for you, too." I said leaning in also. Our heads touched and his green eyes locked with mine.

"You're the best thing that's ever happened to me." He softly whispered. I nodded as I pressed my lips to his and kissed him ever so sweetly. I pulled back and smiled.

"I better go before my aunt starts to worry."

"Call me, beautiful." I nodded as I watched him walk down the last step backwards and stumble. I covered my smile and tried not to laugh.

He waved to me and I waved back at him.


I walked into my house and went to my room and fell on my bed smiling.

I smelt his cologne on my sheets from earlier. I rolled over on the pillow case he had his head on and smiled. 

I sighed.


Was I really falling in love? Was this actually happening to me?

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