That One Summer

Trayka is a 19 year old girl who lives with her Aunt and Uncle after her parents mysteriously died when she was 5. She doesn't have any friends, brothers or sisters, she's just alone by herself in the world. But one Summer changes her life for good, one guy becomes more than she thought he would.


5. "I'm ready..."

I sat in my room and was on my laptop when I heard something hit my window. It sounded like a tap, but I wasn't so sure. I got up and slowly opened my window.

I looked out my window but saw nothing or anyone anywhere. I shut my window and went back to my laptop, but right when I sat down I heard it again. I looked over, by this time I was kind of freaked out. I thought maybe it might be the kids from school coming back and messing with me.

I leaned out my window and looked again, once again, nothing. "Alright, assholes, show me you actually have some balls and show your face." I yelled out the window. No one replied. I leaned out more and tried to see if I could see more, still saw no one.

"BOO!" I screamed as I heard someone come around the house and grab my arm.


"Ugh, Harry!" I sighed "You freaked me out." I said as I ran my fingers through my hair. He chuckled and his hands were up against the side of my window. "Sorry, love. I just had to see you." He smiled and looked in my room "May I come in?" He asked. I raised my eyebrows and threw my hands up, I guess that meant yes to him. I walked over to my bed and before I could make it, I heard a thump and a grunt. I turned around to see Harry laying on the floor, I laughed quietly laughed and snorted as I saw him getting back up. I ran over to him and helped him up.

"Just don't try to kill yourself." I said grabbing onto his arm.

"That's embarrassing..." He got up and looked up above my bed, I looked back also and noticed he was staring at my Hayden Christensen poster. I looked back at him and smiled. "Anakin Skywalker?" He asked pointing to it. I nodded and smiled.

"Yeah. So?" He smiled and shook his head. "Don't judge me, curly. Now what the hell are you doing here?" His grin became bigger and bigger.

"You're a Star Wars nerd?" I crossed my arms over my chest and made pouting lips as I stared at him. "That's kind of hot, babe."

"Harry, what are you doing here?" I repeated myself again.

"I just wanted to see you again." I smiled and felt myself blush


He just saw me not too long ago. I guess it just felt weird knowing someone wanting me to see every second of the day. That doesn't happen to a girl like me.


I turned around and walked to my bed and sat down on it looking up at him. He looked at me and walked over to the bed and sat down.


"Actually, I had a dream about you." He said



Another thing that didn't happen.


"Yeah, it was about me and you..." he coughed and covered his mouth as he said something else. "our daughter"

I narrowed my eyes "What?"

He did it again. "our daughter." I rolled my eyes and removed his hand from his face. "Our daughter."

I smiled and looked away. "A daughter?" I shook my head and bursted into laughter. I covered my mouth as I looked back at him. I couldn't hide my smile.

"What?" He asked. He was confused.

"I don't know if you know that me...I'm not- I'm not the 'mommy type'. I don't see myself with kids one day." By the look on his face, I was guessing that wasn't the reaction he was hoping for.

"I can." He replied softly. I looked back over at him.

"It's been 3 days, Harry-" I shook my head as his hands came up and grabbed my head and stared into my eyes.

"And I know that I will want to spend my life with you. I can't help the way I feel about you, Trayka. Since I was you, I've been- I haven't been the same. All I want to do is spend every day with you and every night. I've never in my life wanted to do such a thing. It's a new feeling for me, too, Trayka."

I felt tears sting my eyes as I sniffled. He was in love with me...I felt the tears fall from my eyes and roll down my cheeks. I never thought someone would love me.


"She have a name?"

He smiled as he kissed my forehead. "Darcy. She was perfect, even in my dreams. She looked like you, had your eyes, your lips. She was beautiful."

"Shut up." I smiled and covered my mouth. "You're making me blush." he chuckled and removed my hand from my face and looked at me.

"You're still so beautiful."

I caught his stare and watched as he leaned into me and smirked before pressing his lips to mine.


He laid back on the bed and pulled me along with him. He kissed me so sweetly. I felt his hands slide down my backside and it sent chills through my body. I loved the way he touched me, the feeling I got as he did was- it was- there were no words to describe how it made me feel. Weird, I guess. But in a good way. A good weird. He pulled back and stared at me. "God, your lips are so- so prefect. They're amazing. So beautiful and soft." He said as I felt his thumb brush against my bottom lip. I bit down on it, I tried not to smile like an idiot. "Don't bite your lip, babe." He said.

"Oh, right. Sorry." I let go of it and he leaned up a bit. "Let me do it." He tugged on it a bit with his teeth and let go. I giggled and leaned down and kissed him.


Remember the urges I revealed earlier?

Yeah, by this time, they were pretty much rampaging. I was actually going further than I usually do with him, and I wasn't holding back, nor did I think I was going to regret it. This feeling, it's taking over me and I am completely helpless.


"Harry..." I breathed and letting out a moan.

"Yeah?" He said as he kissed my neck, leaving wet marks down my neck.

"I- I'm ready..."

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