That One Summer

Trayka is a 19 year old girl who lives with her Aunt and Uncle after her parents mysteriously died when she was 5. She doesn't have any friends, brothers or sisters, she's just alone by herself in the world. But one Summer changes her life for good, one guy becomes more than she thought he would.


3. If We Ever Meet Again...

I laid in bed that whole morning thinking about Harry. I found it weird, because here I was, thinking of a guy whose name I didn't even know at this time. Why was I thinking of him? Was it the song I was listening to? "Bleed" by Hot Chelle Rae. I honestly I had no idea what it was about him, it was just after meeting him, I couldn't stop thinking of him.


That morning was gloomy, rainy and cold. I finally got up and walked to the window, I was watching outside thinking maybe he'd happen to walk by or something. I shut my blinds and walked over to my dresser, grabbed clothes and then went into my bathroom and took a shower.


In the shower, I washed my hair and then conditioned it. I left the conditioner in my hair as I grabbed my loofah and squeezed my body wash on it and washed myself. Yes, I was thinking of Harry as I was in the shower, but it wasn't in that way. I was thinking about how he approached me. Thinking of it now, I could of handled it a bit better. I could of been a bit nicer to him. I could of said thank you. I could of smiled at him and complimented him back. Instead, I was the biggest bitch in the world to him. Now I just wished I could go back in time and do it differently. But I can't, and that's what sucks. I thought as I stood in the shower rinsing the lavender smelling soap off my body of him and how nice he was. No one has ever been that nice to me. I realized that, maybe he was telling me the truth. Maybe he did actually think I was pretty. I mean, he did chase me. Kind of. I rinsed out my hair and got out of the shower. That was probably the first time in years that I've been in the shower and not cried. I found it easier to be in the shower and cry. No one can hear you.


Since it was raining outside and I couldn't go to the park and write, I decided to go to Starbucks and just chill with my laptop. I had a bunch of homework due Monday for college anyway.

I put my hair in a low side ponytail, put on my white v neck, skinny jeans and my converse form yesterday on. I honestly didn't care today.


I took the car and drove to Starbucks. The rain was coming down hard that morning,  it was almost like it knew how I was feeling. Sad and angry at the same time. Not a good combo, I know. But I was. I just wanted to cry and throw things all at the same time. I wish things were different with me, I really do. But this is just who I am now. A sad, lonely and sometimes very angry girl. If someone ever changes that, well they deserve a freaking award for it. I honestly don't think anyone could change me, though. I've already been too damaged.


When I arrived at Starbucks, I grabbed my backpack and bag out of the backseat and got out and went inside.

I just ordered a coffee and sat down and started doing my homework.

I found myself looking out the window time to time, I was looking for Harry. A part of me told me I was stupid for it, while another part was hoping he'd come through the door. He didn't even look like a coffee drinker, why was I hoping?


Halfway through my paper, I looked at my watch as the door of Starbucks rang. The time was 10:45, I was there for over 2 hours. I was so focused on my studies, I guess. I kinda stopped thinking of him for awhile, until I thought about it at that moment. I closed my eyes as I told myself how stupid I was. "How can you like him? You don't even know him, stupid." I mumbled to myself. I covered my hands over my face and sighed.


"Just a coffee, please."

My hands were removed from my face as I heard a familiar British accent. "Oh my god." I whispered. He was standing at the counter putting his wallet in his pocket as he looked back. His eyes widened and a big smile came across his face.


"No way." He said turning all the way around and walking to the table I sat at. I smiled at him. He looks so much more beautiful than I remembered.

"Hey." I said with a wave and a smile. He sat down as he stared at me.

"I didn't think I'd ever see you again." He said scooting the chair in.

I nodded "Yeah, me either."

There was a silence for a moment, until I thought about yesterday and told myself I should apologize for it. "Yesterday, sorry for being a complete bitch to you."

He shook his head and smiled. "Hey, that was totally my fault. I shouldn't of been staring at you and been making you feel uncomfortable."

"No, it wasn't yours. I could of handle that completely different. I-"

He smiled and leaned in a bit.  "You're forgiven, love. Though there is no need for sorry." Okay? It must of been me. I thought what happened was pretty bad. "Okay." I said fiddling with my pen.  He stared at me again, even when I looked up and looked away smiling and covering my face. "You're staring again." I said hiding my blushing. I knew my cheeks were as red as a rose.

"Right, sorry." He said "It's just- I've never seen a beauty like yours. It's so rare to me." He said smiling and cocking his head to the side a bit as he examined me.

I smiled a bit and nodded "Well, thanks." I said. A bit awkwardly I might add. Which was my specialty.


"Nice weather we're having, huh?"  The weather? Really.

"Yeah, it's crap. I mean, it's summer, it shouldn't be this cold." I said.

"Yeah. Well, how I feel today, I don't want to even see the sun."

I looked at him "That's exactly what I said. Well, not in those words." I chuckled. He smiled and nodded.

"Great minds think alike, love." He said.


We were in Starbucks for about 1 hour just talking about each other. He brought up that he's been thinking of me since we met. I didn't let him know I was though.


"Have you ever heard the song 'Hey There Delilah'?" he asked sipping his coffee.

I nodded. "Yes, it's a classic." I replied.

"Exactly what I said."

I've discovered in a whole 1 hour that he and I had so much in common already. Almost like were were the same person.

"What about it?" I asked.

He smiled looking down at his coffee. I noticed he had dimples, and they were the cutest things ever. "I've been listening to it since we met."

I had some major butterfies going on after he said that.

"R-really?" DON'T STUDDER! I told myself. He can't know I liked him already.

He nodded. "I just want to know you. Something inside me just clicked when I saw you." Was my mouth open? Was I drooling? Because that was seriously the sweetest thing a guy has ever said to me.

"Then do it. But first you need to know my name." I said giving him a playful smile.

"And that is?"

"Trayka Northern." I replied.

"That's unique. I like that. A unique name, a unique beauty and a unique girl." He smiled showing his beautiful teeth and that cute little dimple again. "I'm Harry. Harry Styles."



Trayka Styles. Sounds pretty good to me, I thought.

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