That One Summer

Trayka is a 19 year old girl who lives with her Aunt and Uncle after her parents mysteriously died when she was 5. She doesn't have any friends, brothers or sisters, she's just alone by herself in the world. But one Summer changes her life for good, one guy becomes more than she thought he would.


10. Beautiful Tragic

I hadn't seen Harry in over 2 days after what happened and what I saw. My aunt and uncle wouldn't let me and I had to avoid his calls and texts to me. I couldn't help but think of how he felt when I didn't reply back or answer his calls. I haven't talked to my aunt or uncle since either.


They haven't officially told me that I couldn't be with Harry, they just said I couldn't see him. There's a difference between 'seeing' and 'being' with someone.


I have stayed in my room for the past 2 days playing songs on my guitar, but the one song I have found myself playing the most is, "When You're Gone" by Avril Lavinge and "Sad Beautiful Tragic" by Taylor Swift. They made me miss Harry so much and I would actually cry when I listened to them. I wanted to see him or at least hear his voice, I missed him like crazy and not seeing him is complete hell for me.


I heard a knock on my door and my aunt peeked her head in. "Sweetie..." I didn't stop playing my guitar, but I just played softer. "What?" I sniffled. "Your uncle and me need you to come downstairs." the door creaked some more and I looked back and saw she walked in and was standing behind me. "I really don't want to see you guys..." I said looking down at my guitar still barely playing "Sad Beautiful Tragic". "if you haven't gotten the hint, I hate you guys right now." I added and bit back. It was very harsh to say.

I felt a hand settle on my shoulder and my aunt calm voice. "Honey, hate us all you want, but we are trying to protect you. I don't want to see you end up like him, or worse." I shook my head as I kept my back towards her and the music stopped "Like what? Dead?" I waited for a response and when she didn't give me one I jumped up out of my chair. I scared her as I jumped up and stared at her. "You think Harry will kill me?" I asked. "He's not like that. I hate that you think you know him." My aunt shook her head and grabbed me by my shoulders. "I know enough about him to know that, that boy is trouble and he is no good for you." "HE IS EXACTLY RIGHT FOR ME!" I snapped back instantly.


My aunt grabbed my hand and sighed. "He's coming over." I looked at her and I couldn't understood what she meant by that, because of the fact the told me to stay away from him. "What do you mean he is coming over?" "Your uncle wants to tell him that he can't see you anymore."


My stomach dropped and seem to turn. I felt tears well up in my eyes and my breath became shaky and my knees became weak. "No..." I said. My aunt started forming tears in her own eyes and I became weaker and weaker every second. "You can't keep me away from Harry..." I said. "Sweetie, please. This is what is best for you, baby. You have to understand..." My tears began to fall and I fell to the floor. "Tell me you're joking. Tell me..." I pleaded. She didn't say anything and I hung my head over my knees and cried harder. "This can't be happening...I can't be without him..."  I couldn't let Harry go, I couldn't. I loved him more than anything.


None of what he did mattered to me. Because he told me that I changed him the second he met me. I've never seen him smoke or even drink around me. Yes, he's showed his temper, but who doesn't have a temper? We all have a darkside to us.


There was a knock at the front door and my aunt picked me up and helped me down the stairs.


Harry was downstairs on the couch when I hit the last step of the stair. He looked over at me and jumped up off the couch. "Trayka..." he tried walking over to me, but my uncle stopped him from going anywhere. "Don't you even move, Styles." he hissed. My aunt sat me down in the chair across from the couch.


I watched Harry and I knew this was going to be the last time I'd see him like this. I wasn't going to see him anymore.


"Baby...why haven't you answered my call or texts?" Harry asked softly. My uncle answered for me, because I couldn't even speak to Harry. "We aren't allowing her to." Harry looked up at him and threw his hands out. "Why?" He asked. I covered my face to hide my tears and cried into them waiting for uncle Gene to say those words...


"Because you're no good for our niece."


Those words I knew were not true, they never would be true.


My uncle looked back at me and called my name. I looked up, but it was at Harry, not my uncle. He looked so confused and I could tell there were tears forming from here. "Tell him why we won't let you talk to him."


I had to tell him? aunt pulled me closer to her when I didn't say anything. "Gene, don't make her do that. She is already upset enough." "Tell me what?" Harry asked.

I couldn't catch my breath to tell Harry even if I wanted to. "They..." my cries became loud as I tried to breathe and calm down, but I couldn't. I felt this rage start bubbling inside of me instantly as I watched my uncle just stand there.


I hung my head and closed my eyes trying to control it. I balled up my fist and began to shake as and my breath became heavier. I still cried and was angry all at the same time. I brought my head up and screamed. "I FUCKING HATE YOU!!!" I looked back at my aunt. "BOTH OF YOU!!" I never thought I'd ever say that to the two people who raised me.


My uncle grabbed my arm and pulled me up out of my aunts arms. "Hate me all you want! Now tell him!" He turned me to Harry and Harry was becoming angry at how hard my uncle yanked me. "They found your criminal record." I cried. Harry rolled up his fist and cried into it. My uncle pushed me back towards my aunt.

"Just think, Styles, you did this to Trayka. Just think back to all those time you drove drunk and smoked with your buddies. Did you ever think you'd meet someone like her and ever thought about her guardians looking up what kind of guy you were? Did you? I care about my niece and I want to know she's with someone who's not going to change her or hurt her!" Harry brought his head up and his eyes were red. "I would never change her! I love her and how innocent she is, it's what I love about her. Her innocence brings out the good in me. I couldn't hurt a girl like her." my uncle shook his head. "Well what about the girl you raped? You hurt her, I bet." "I didn't rape her! She accused me of it after we go into it. The cops will believe a girl before a guy!" Harry replied.


I knew he didn't rape anyone.


"You're not going to get the chance to hurt Trayka. You won't ever see her again." My uncle said and Harry stood up. "What? No, you can't keep me away from her!" He said and I cried harder than before. "Harry..." I cried out and struggled to get out of my aunts arms. "Don't let him do this to us, baby!" I said through a waterfall of tears. "Trayka..." he tried reaching out for me but my uncle stepped in front of him. "Go!" he said. Harry stayed and didn't even let what my uncle said go through.


I finally broke from my aunts arms and ran up to Harry and then into his arms. "Baby, I love you! I promise I will find a way to be with you! Don't stop loving me!" I cried into his chest. Harry held on to me and cried, harder than I was I think. "I won't. I promise. I love you so much..." Harry reached behind his neck and my uncle started pulling away. "Take this." Harry put something in my hand and I looked at it. I shook my head when I saw his cross necklace in my palm and more tears fell. "Harry..."


This necklace was the necklace that he wore all the time and I knew he loved it. "A piece of me is with you now, baby, below your heart." I pressed my lips together and held the necklace close to my heart. "Keep it safe for me..." my aunt grabbed my arm and pulled me back. "I WILL be with you again, baby. You can count on that!" my uncle pushed Harry out the door and I ran to the front door after yanking my arm free of my aunt. "Trayka...stop!" she called out.


My uncle stood in front of the door and I crashed into him  trying to open the door to get to Harry. "Move! LET ME GO!!!" I screamed.

My uncle held me back and had a hold of my hands so I would stop hitting him. "YOU DON'T KNOW HIM!! YOU DON'T KNOW ME!!" I cried as I still struggled. "Carla, take her to her room." my aunt grabbed me and drug me up the stairs.


"I HATE YOU SO MUCH!!! I LOVE HIM!!! YOU RUINED EVERYTHING!!!!" I screamed as I was drug up the stairs by my aunt.


She opened my door and threw me down on the floor where I sat and cried into my knees like before. I gripped Harry's necklace as I looked up at her. "I will NEVER forgive you guys!!" I said. She nodded. "At least we know you're safe though." "He's changed!" she wiped her eyes. "For now he has." and she shut the door.


I hit the floor and balled my fist up and rested my head on it.


Harry's necklace hung down out of my hand. It swung back and forth hitting the tip of my nose with the pendent. I opened my eyes and unraveled it.

I brought it around my neck and moved my hair. He was right, it hung right below my heart. I pressed it tightly to my heart and cried more.


"I love much..." I sniffled as I said the words quietly one last time.


I was never going to love someone like one...

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