One Way Out (A Harry Styles Fan Fic)

Ellas abusive mum pushes Ella to the point of leaving. She was scared and tired of being beat so she decided to run away. But she never would have guessed that she would run into the member of a new upcoming band, or that he would change her life forever.


2. Something Special



*The Next Day*

I woke up and went upstairs to find my mom still lying on my bedroom floor. at this point i wouldnt care if she was dead or not. she must have heard me coming up the stairs because she started to wake up. and of course she was to high to remember anything that happend, "Oh goodmoring Ella" she said.

"Goodmorning mum" i said in a fake cheerful voice.

"Do you have any idea why i was on your bedroom floor?" she asked walking into the kitchen

it took me a few minutes to figure out how to respond, "you were high again" i said glumly.

"Oh" there was a few moments of awkward silence untill she said "What happend to your eye?"

i just told her what i tell her everytime, "I got in a fight with some kids at school again"

"Come on Ella, thats like the third time this week" She said disapointedly.

"Oh and how many times have you gotten high this week....three? What a coincidence..." I wanted to say it so bad, but i could never let her know what she was doing to me.

"Is there any problems at school Ella?"

"No, its ok now" i could feel the tears coming to my eyes, but i had to hold them back.

She noded her head and said "well, im going back to bed now" as she headed down the hall. i walked to living room and turned on the tv before sitting down. not even ten minutes later i heard a bang and my mom screming my name, i knew at that moment i had to leave. i didnt grab anything i just ran to the door, as i turned the handle she came out of her room and saw me trying to leave. i opened the door and ran as fast as i could down the street. i kept running untill i was out of breath, i turned around to see my mom running about a block behind me. i have to loose her i thought to myself. so i ran farther down the street, i could hear her calling out my name, and then saw a back alley and turned down it. i knew she would have seen me turn so i needed to find a place to hide. just then i noticed a small opening between two buildings and hid behind a big dumpster that was inbetween them hoping she wouldnt see me.

i saw her pass by yelling for me, i crouch down closer to the ground. her voice started fading, telling me that she was getting farther away from me. I slowly stood up and squeezed myself out of the confined space i was in.

I started running in the opposite direction, untill my body was met with a hard object. I immidiately wrapped my arms around it and cried. At this piont i didnt care if it was a person or god damn telephone pole, i needed something to hold on to. To my surprise, it hugged back, which meant it was not a telephone pole....unless i was hilusinating. But then i heard a deep raspy voice, "Are you okay, love?" he said repeatedly, and i looked up and saw a tall boy glaring at me, he asked me what my name was "Ella" i said he told me his name was "Harry" i thought to myself thats kind of a wierd name.

"Are you ok Ella?" he asked again in his deep beautiful voice.

"No" i answered as i hugged him tighter.

He then took my head in his hands, looked deep into my eyes and asked, "Why dont you come back to my flat for a cup of tea and tell me all about it babe"

I would love to, i thought to myself, "No, i cant... i dont know you"

"well how about we get to know eachother on the way there?" he said

"That would be nice" i said quietly, whats the worst that could happen?

He grabbed my hand and we started walking as he said, "well, im Styles, Harry styles" i kinda giggled.

"Well, Harry Styles...have you ever considered opening a hair salon?" We both laughed, it was kind of a suprise to me becasue i havent laughed in a long time, but it felt nice. It was just then that i realized that there was something special about this boy.

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