One Way Out (A Harry Styles Fan Fic)

Ellas abusive mum pushes Ella to the point of leaving. She was scared and tired of being beat so she decided to run away. But she never would have guessed that she would run into the member of a new upcoming band, or that he would change her life forever.


4. Now You Know

 *Ellas P.O.V*

I was nervous to tell him my story, i barely knew the kid but i felt like i could trust him for some reason.

"Well, it all started about 3 years ago when my mum got depression and started taking her pills and a friend told her that getting high takes the pain away so she tryed it and now she cant stop," at this point i was crying a little, " every night when she got high she would come in my room and beat me with anything she could find i could never leave my room when she was there and i always felt like running but i knew i couldnt becasue i was to scared she would find me the worst part is that she would beat me and the next morning she wouldnt remember and she would ask what happen to my face and i would have to lie to her because i know she wouldnt believe me " i looked up to see Harry staring at me sympatheticaly " this went on for a while and she stopped for about a week but started again its so terrifying i curl up in a ball in the corner of my room, she would bang on my door every night screaming at me i can hear it everytime i close my eyes this morning i heard her scream my name and i knew i had to get out of there so i ran and she followed me as soon as i lost her i ran into you " i was balling now, i looked up at harry and he walked over and hugged me as tight as he could and kissed my forehead

"Its ok love, im sure it will be ok with the guys if you stay here for a while, we have a spare bedroom right next to mine" he said with a grin.

"That would be great, thank you so much, Harry!" I said extatically. He then put his arm around me and we walked into the living room to see the boys.

"heey guys?" Harry asked

They all responded with "yeah?"

"Is it alright with you if Ella stays with us for a while, in the spare bedroom?" He asked kindly.

"Yeah thats fine, and i hope you dont mind me asking but, why?" The blonde one said, I think his name was Niall?

Harry looked at me and I nodded, "I'll tell you guys after, but right now I'm going to take Ella up to bed."

"Oooooh" Louis said, i just gave him a look as if to say 'shut up!'

*later that night*

*Harrys P.O.V*

I had just told the guys about what happened to Ella, after i helped her to bed. they were all very shocked and we talked about it for a while, just about how someone as beautiful and intelligent as her could get abused like that. Of course the boys made their stupid jokes about me fansying her, and Im not going to lie, I do but I couldn't tell them that.

We watched the telly for a bit before i got tired and decided to head up to bed, as did Zayn and Liam. But before going into my room, I pass Ellas and i hear a noise. i walk clozer to her door, and i realize that it's her crying. I open the door and walk over to her bed. "It's okay Ella. Im here for you, I always will be, whenever you need me." She sat up and patted the bed signalling for me to sit down and I did, along with putting my arms around her, pulling her into a tight bear hug. We sat like that for a while, my head placed on top of hers as she cried into my shoulder. Until eventually we layed back on the bed. I sang what Makes You Beautiful softly into her ear until she fell asleep.

I started to slide out of the bed when i felt her hand grab mine, "No, stay, please." she whispered.

"Okay" i said laying back down with her. She fell asleep quickly after that but i remained awake just thinking about her and how it was crazy that we just met and i already like her as much as i do. I just kept questioning if i should ever tell her.

It took a long time but i finally fell asleep and we just cuddled for the rest of the night.



Authors note: Hey guys Taya and Kiersten here! thank you for reading up to here:) like, comment tell us what you think so far! its are fisrt story so sorry if you dont enjoy it, but if you do, share it with your friends and we will soon be putting this on wattpad too Thanks again! xx




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