One Way Out (A Harry Styles Fan Fic)

Ellas abusive mum pushes Ella to the point of leaving. She was scared and tired of being beat so she decided to run away. But she never would have guessed that she would run into the member of a new upcoming band, or that he would change her life forever.


1. Get Away From Me

*Ellas P.O.V*

I can hear the screaming as she stomps up the stairs and bangs on my door, "ELLA, GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE!"  I push myself farther into the corner of my room as the tears form in my eyes. I can tell from the tone in her voice that she has taken drugs again, and I knew exactly what was going to happen next. As my door flew open and she stormed in I looked down to the bruises that remain on my body from last time. I was terrified, as she came closer and grabbed my arm, I yelled, "GET AWAY FROM ME!" I tried to push her away but I was to weak, it was usless. Instantly she was on top of me, throwing punches at me. I eventually pushed her off and ran out of the room, I turned back to see her lying motionless on the ground, she must have passed out. That night  stayed in the basement on the couch, after hours of crying I eventually fell asleep.

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