With that I kissed him

Rose and May have been best friends since they were little. Last year after there senior year they move to England. Will they fall in love with two very famous boys? Read to find out.


37. Secrets chapter 37

May P.O.V

Rose just left to dinner with hottie Justin and i come down to see little old Lou bawling his eyes out onthe couch. "Lou you ok?" he explains to me everything that happened with El. "sorry Lou" I give him a big hug and he picks me up and brings me to his room.


Louis P.O.V

I need some rebound sex and mays here. I know shes with Haz but I cant help it. I pick her up and lie her on my bed. "Lou....?" "please" "Fine. just lock the door" I lock the door and with that i kiss her hard. We continue to make out and once our shirts are of i hear "Lou shots first" She downs 8 shots I just do 3. Shes plenty drunk and shakily removes the rest of our clothes and then I enter her. SHe doesn't even shriek like most I continue to thrust until we both reach completion. She smirks and says "Maybe this can be a normal thing?" I nod "MAYYY" we hear from the living room we both freakout "Lou! Rose is home Help me" We Quickly get dressed and cover her love bites with her Beautiful hair. She runs crooked out of my room.


Rose P.O.V

 May comes running in "hey guys" she says slurred "Are yo drunk???" "just a little but whatever what do you want?" "Kellin just wanted me to tell you he saids hey" Justin tells her "Oh you can tell him TO GO FU-" I stopped her "MAY!" I tell Justin to go home because i have to take care of May and before he leaves he kisses me softly and slaps my ass. "I love you" he says before getting in his car frazzled before I have a chance to reply.


May P.O.V

"MAY WHY ARE YOU DRUNK OFF YOUR ASS YOU SHOULD BE MAKING SURE LOU IS OK" Rose screams in my face "Chill we drank together he feels better."

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