With that I kissed him

Rose and May have been best friends since they were little. Last year after there senior year they move to England. Will they fall in love with two very famous boys? Read to find out.


23. New Friend chapter 23

Rose's P.O.V.

When I woke up I went and took a shower. After that I went and got ready to go to the store. Last night Niall ate like everything. As I was getting dressed I started writing a note so they know I wasn't kidnapped. As I headed to the store I passed the bridge. I decided to look over and I saw a girl about to jump off the bridge. I stopped the car and ran out to stop her. "STOP." I yelled. "Why should I I'm nothing." she said. "Please don't do this, please just get down." I said. When she did she fell down and started to cry. "Why?" I asked. "Because no one wants me." She said. "Why do you say that?" I said. "People keep telling me to die." She said. "You're not worthless and you don't deserve to die, you have so much to live for." I said.  What's your name?" I asked. "Diana." She said. "Hey why don't you come and stay with me and my friends." I said. "What if they don't like me?" she said. "Don't worry they will." I said with a warm smile. She smiled back. I drove back home and totally forgot about the food. "Dammit." I said. "What's wrong?" Diana asked. "I forgot to get food." I laughed. Right as I stopped Niall came down. "Who's this?" He asked. "This is my friend Diana. I met her this morning." I didn't think I should say oh I saved her life this morning. "Nice to meet you. Babe did yolou get the food?" He asked. "No sorry babe I got side tracked when I met Diana I forgot. Do you think you can go and get some?" I asked. "Sure babe." Niall said and then left.  "Well he seems really nice." She said with a warm smile. "Yea he sure is." I said. Soon then all the boys came down. We started talking and the boys took a liking to her so did the girls. I also found out that Liam and Dani broke up. "Liam?! What the hell happened?!?" I asked. "Well she said she just didn't feel it anymore so we agreed on being friends." He said.


Diana's P.O.V.

Wow Liam's so perfect. Too bad he will never like a girl like me. I'm ugly. I'm worthless, a boy as perfect as him would never fall for a girl like me. "So I see you like Liam." Rose said. "Oh um yea." I said. It's just he will never like me. I wish he did. "Diana right?" Liam siad. "Y-eaa." I said  "You wanna go with me and get some Starbucks?" He asked. "Sure." I said. "So really how did you and Rose meet?" he asked. I always knew they would ask but I didn't think it would have been this soon. "Um well you see I was well trying to jump off a bridge." I said with tears falling. "Why?" Liam asked. "I couldn't take it anymore, I wanted to end everything." I said now full on crying. "Your so beautiful why would anyone bully you." He said. "Thanks but I'm not beautiful." I said. "Yes you are." And with that he kissed me. It was perfect. Sparks were flying everywhere. Liam told me he wanted to take it slow since he just got out of a relationship. Which I understood so I agreed. When we got back we still had our fingers entwined and when we walked in everyone awed. That day was one of the best in awhile.



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