With that I kissed him

Rose and May have been best friends since they were little. Last year after there senior year they move to England. Will they fall in love with two very famous boys? Read to find out.


3. Home sweet home? chapter 3

                                       May's P.O.V

As soon as the plain landed we had to wait for Zayn and the boys to pick us up from the airport. The plane had just landed. "Rose get up we just landed now get your ass up!" I said. "Ugghh can I ever get sleep around you?" She said.. I hope that the boys are here I can't wait to get home and relax for real this time.


                                    Rose's P.O.V

 I can't wait to see  my brother Zayn. I missed him a lot and I bet May can't wait to see him considering shes like in love with him. I missed all those days that we would just have a lazy day and just watch movies and stay up late. Those were the good days.


                                 Zayn's P.O.V

I can't wait to see Rose it feels like I have been away for so long. I miss when May,  Rose, and I would just sit and watch movies all day. I miss May and Rose so much

                                                   Rose's P.O.V

I see Zayn in the lobby, but he must be zoned out. Oh well I ran up to him and gave him a big hug. My brother is the closest to me besides my mom. "Zayn i missed you soo much." I said. "I did to." Zayn said. "MAYY!!" Zayn said. "ZAYNN!!" May said.

                                                      May's P.O.V

Once we got back to The Boy's House me and Rose introduced ourselves to the other boys. They all seem to be really sweet and nice, but none that are really my type like Zayn. I know that Rose doesn't want me dating Zayn but that won't stop me.

                                                       Rose's P.O.V

The boys seem to like May. All of them  are all very nice and attractive guys. They are really funny and seem to really care about each other. Liam keeps looking at me, Zayn keeps talking with May. And of course Harry is being his cheeky self gosh that boy is cute. Niall keeps giving Harry a dirty look whenever Harry is looking at me I find it pretty funny actually.

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