With that I kissed him

Rose and May have been best friends since they were little. Last year after there senior year they move to England. Will they fall in love with two very famous boys? Read to find out.


12. Harry's new love chapter 12

                                                    Rose's P.O.V

You see all the girls Harry dates end up breaking his heart. I just don't want him to get his heart broken again. I need to meet this girl and find out if she is like his others. Harry seems to really like her I just hope she feels the same about him. "Eleanor do you know where Rae is?" I asked. "Yea she is in the living room waiting for Harry, oh and don't be to mean." She said. "I won't." I said. "Hi Rae I'm Rose." I said. "Hello I'm Rae." She said. She seems really nice, she has dark brown hair and brown eyes. "So how did you and Haz meet?" I asked. "We met at the bar last night, he came up to me he is really sweet." She said. "I would imagine he is very sweet, are you two dating or no?" I asked. "Sadly no." She said. "Don't worry  he will ask you soon." I said with a smile. 



                                                      Harry's P.O.V

Okay so I am gonna ask her. I need grow a pair and just ask her before someone else takes her heart. "Rae can I talk to you for a sec?" I asked. "Sure." She said. I lead her to the front door and told the boys and girls that we were going out. Rose gave Rae a smile and we left. I took her on a walk. It was silent, but not one of those awkward silences it was nice. "Rae I was wondering if you would go out with me?" I asked. "Yes. I would love to." She said. I couldn't help but smile like an idiot. I was so happy it felt like a dream come true. 



                                                   Rae's P.O.V

I am so happy that Harry finally asked me. I couldn't be happier then I was right now. Harry is so sweet. Even though we just met I find him so amazing. Last night we just talked, got to know each other and just relaxed. I can't wait to get back and tell Rose. She will be so happy to hear that Harry asked me. I  was probably standing there looking like an idiot. I couldn't stop smiling it was crazy. He was smiling to. So far this day has been supper amazing like really. He took me on a walk it was fun and sweet. Today has been great. I can't wait to see what amazing thing life is going to give me.

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