With that I kissed him

Rose and May have been best friends since they were little. Last year after there senior year they move to England. Will they fall in love with two very famous boys? Read to find out.


24. Found love chapter 24

Diana's P.O.V.

It's been a little over 2 weeks since I met One Direction, Rose, May, El, and Rae. The girls keep saying how I need to stay away from Perrie. I said it shouldn't be a problem since I never see her. I found out a lot these past weeks. Rose and Zayn are brother and sister, El and Louis are dating, Harry and Rae are dating too. Also I found out that May is dating Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens. I heard that Zayn and may were dating, but Zayn cheated and got back together with Perrie. I'm glad I met them. I didn't realize that life isn't so bad after all. Next week the boys go on tour,and Liam asked me to go with him, of course I said yes. So far things with me and Liam have been going really good. 


Zayn's P.O.V.

I can't believe I let Perrie trick me into cheating on May. Why did I do that? She hates me thanks to fucking Perrie. I wish I could go back and make it all better but I fucking can't because she's dating that guy from whatever band. I lost my chance with the best I ever had. " Zayn can I talk to you?" My sister had asked. "Yea." I said. "Zayn what the hell is going on first you want May then you throw her away get Perrie now you want May again?!?" She practically yelled. Okay yea she was right but she doesn't understand. "Yea but you wouldn't understand." I yelled back. "Then please enlighten me on what the fuck I obviously don't fucking understand!" She screamed. "I LOVE MAY AND ALWAYS WILL BUT WHEN I FOUND OUT THAT PERRIE DIDN'T REALLY CHEAT ON ME I WAS HAPPY AND FORGOT ABOUT EVERYTHING. WHEN I GOT BACK TO REALITY I FOUND OUT THAT I FUCKING GAVE AWAY THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TO ME. BUT YOU WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND BECAUSE THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED." I yelled. She just stood there with shock. Soon everyone was down stairs and staring at us. May walked down and looked at me. I justed wanted to run up to her, hold her and kiss her, but of course I can't do that anymore. "I'm sorry I ruined your life." Perrie said. "I'm gonna go get my things and leave, May I truly and sorry I shouldn't have been a bitch and ruined your relationship." With that she went upstairs packed and left. "Did you really mean that Zayn?" May asked. "Yes I did, but I'm too late you already moved on and now obviously I have to too." I said. "Zayn I love you too, but we just can't be together." She said with tears brimming her eyes. "I understand. But if things don't work out I'll be willing to take you on a date." After that we all went to sleep but that night I couldn't sleep.

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