With that I kissed him

Rose and May have been best friends since they were little. Last year after there senior year they move to England. Will they fall in love with two very famous boys? Read to find out.


5. Concert part 2 chapter 5

                                       May's P.O.V

As I got ready to head out i hear Harry and Niall fighting. I wonder what there fighting about shouldn't be to important. I shrugged and was about to walk away when I heard them mention Rose. I hurried quietly to the door and listened. "Niall just let me have her!" Harry yelled. "NO!! Harry you always have to go after the girls I like." Niall yelled. "No I don't." Harry said "Fuck you Harry it's not fair you always get the girl." Niall said. But of course that was the last thing I heard until I ran into the room. "Did you hear that?" Harry asked. "Yes now Harry let Niall have her I know for a fact that she likes him back!" I yelled. "WHAT??!!" They both yelled. "Um Rose likes Niall back." i said. "Oh yea were leaving for the concert now." I said. After that I walked out of the room like nothing happened. Soon after i heard Harry say that he can have Rose. I smiled to myself just the thought of Rose and Niall dating made me smile. 


                                          Rose's P.O.V

Just as I was about to go get the boys and find May they came down first was May then the boys followed. It was amazing how nice they all looked I was super excited for the concert to see my brother up there on stage doing what he loves made me smile. Once we got to the concert the boys went to the dressing room and got ready. Me and May met Lo the boys stylist. She was so sweet and Lux was just so adorable. Once the boys were finished they headed out for the show once they finished May and I told them they did great.


                                        Niall's P.O.V

I was so pumped for the concert tonight I was even more excited when May told me that Rose liked me back. I kinda sorta feel bad for Harry now but he will find another girl he always does. "Niall you did great." Rose said. She hugged me then kissed my cheek. "Thanks." I said. I was so happy I and nervous that I started to blush and looked down. She made me so happy inside.


                                       Harry's P.O.V

It made me happy to see one of my best mates happy with Rose his soon-to-be-girlfriend. Ha there would really make a cute  couple. Now that I stopped thinking about Rose I keep thinking about how beautiful May is but I know that Zayn likes her so I need to stop thinking about it. May is just to perfect and outgoing ughh why does love have to be so difficult? 

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