With that I kissed him

Rose and May have been best friends since they were little. Last year after there senior year they move to England. Will they fall in love with two very famous boys? Read to find out.


11. Choice chapter 11

                                                       Harry's P.O.V

I promise myself that Rae won't be just another one of my one night stands. Rae is so amazing and i am glad that I got the chance to know her. She is beautiful and so sweet. She knows how to keep a conversation going even in the most awkward times. She is supper nice. I really hope she likes me back. Right now we are at my flat and watching a movie. We are watching The Vow. I have to say its a really good movie. I let Rae pick because I was afraid I would pick the wrong movie. Through out the car ride I found out a lot about her. Her favorite colour is purple, she likes rabbits, she has a older brother, and she has a cat named Jessie. I have gotten to know her really well she is such a great person. I think I might ask her to be my girlfriend...


                                                    Rae's P.O.V

Harry is so sweet I wonder if he likes me back? Well I hope he does he is so amazing and has the perfect smile. To me he is flawless. His friends are so funny and amazing. Louis is so funny and Eleanor is so perfect and beautiful. Harry has no flaws to me his perfect. I thought it would be hard not fangirl infront of him and Louis and Eleanor. I can not believe I man-edged to to stay calm considering he is Harry fucking Styles. He is nothing like what people say about him, he is so sweet and funny. I feel lucky to be talking to such a sweet guy. Harry is so different from the other guys I talk to Harry listens and won't interupt like most guys do. I think I'm really falling for Harry.


                                                    Rose's P.O.V

Eleanor just texted me that Harry met a girl. I was so happy he finally found the right girl. I just hope she won't be a one night stand. I have known the boys since the X-FACTOR. They are very sweet boys. All the girls Harry dates are either whores, or sluts. Eleanor said she was really pretty and didn't act slutty or stuck up. I just hope that this girl doesn't break his heart like his last... 

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