With that I kissed him

Rose and May have been best friends since they were little. Last year after there senior year they move to England. Will they fall in love with two very famous boys? Read to find out.


35. Approval chapter 35

Harry's P.O.V.

I really wanna ask out May but I need to get Zayns permission first casue he already hates me enough. So i walk down the stairs and i see him drinking a milkshake in th kitchen "Zayn?" "Traitor?" "Zayn.... come on please forgive me. I didnt fuck her at least like you did to Perrie" "SORRY OK" "ok.... but I need to ask you a question" "you're not asking me out are you?!" "no no no no no no" " oh good then ask away" "wellllllllllll......" I instiantly go nervous "come on mate. what is it?" "I just wanted to geet your permission to ask out May." the room got silent.. "Why are you fucking asking me" "Well you're my mate and her ex soooooooooo" Zayn bites his lip "Fine. good luck mate. Please treat her welll" "Of course"  HE SAID YES HE SAID YES YAYYAYYAY!

Meghan's P.O.V.

I heard a scream so I decided to go check it out. Harry and Zayn were talking. What the fuck. I thought to myself and decided to leave it. I was about to go back up stairs when Harry stopped me. "May I was wondering will you be my girlfriend?" I looked at Zayn before I said anything. He nodded and smiled. "Yes." Harry picked me up and spun me around. I just laughed and with that he kissed me. I honestly couldn't be more happy.

Zayn's P.O.V.

Seeing Meghan happy made me happy. Honestly yes it hurts to see her with Harry, but there good together. They complete each other. I just hope Harry treats her right. She means a lot to me still and I don't want her getting hurt. I decided I should say congratulations. "Hey I'm really happy for you guys." "Thanks Zayn." With that I went back upstairs to my room.

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