Little Things (14+)

Grace is insecure about her body and listens to One Direction to make herself feel better. whn she goes to their concert she is lucky enough to meet them!! But what happens when she falls in love with one of the five lads...


2. Shopping

Emilys P.O.V "Let's go to TopShop!! Please Emmy I love that shop!!" Grace pleaded. "Fine but as long as we go to Peter Alexander and Starbucks afterwards!". Grace and I were walking arm an arm like best friends do through the Mall. We are going to choose our outfits for tomorrow's concert. I am so excited I love One Direction and going to there concert is unbelievable. Incase your wondering I'm Emily and Grace is my best friend. I'm 18 same as Grace and have light brown hair with greeny-blue eyes. I'm a sporty sort of figure as I play netball. I love One Direction especially Niall. He is sooo totally amazing!!! AND HOT!!! Graces P.O.V Emmy and I were walking and talking until we stopped completely because the biggest bitch in our old high school is about to walk past us. She is only 15. Can you believe it. Emmy and I used to go to a high school in Domcaster until we dropped out this year and went to university for a performing arts degree. We both love performing. We continued to walk but then....
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