Your's Truly

This story is about a girl thats not afraid to do anything and that has a secret she loves One Direction and singing but nobodys knows. This story is about how she loves this one member from One Direction but she thinks she doesnt have a chance with him! But who knows maybe she does and maybe she doesnt?? But one day the girl went to a One Direction concert and got backstage! What will Happen?


2. True Friends?

Skyler's POV

Well today, wasn't the best day today.  Like any other day.  But today i told my two best friends (there girls) Jenne and Sarah, that i was going to a One Direction concert, but i could only take one of them.  Sarah flipped out on my saying ''OMG Skyler you should take me! You know how much i love One Direction!  But Sarah's a Dick!  So i told Jenne that i was going to take her.  She didnt really care or freak out or anything.

Sarah's POV

OMG Skyler's such a Bitch! She should be taking me to the concert!  But whatever, all i care about is me and well me!

Jenne's POV

OMG OMG I'm freaking out! Skyler chose me to take to the One Direction concert!  I'm trying to hide how much im excited, but it's not really working!

Writers POV

Hey guys this is ZouisGirl101, srry for the long chapter?

But i will be writing everyday or just when i feel like writing!  I hope you guys like this! So ya Bye Peeps!




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