Your's Truly

This story is about a girl thats not afraid to do anything and that has a secret she loves One Direction and singing but nobodys knows. This story is about how she loves this one member from One Direction but she thinks she doesnt have a chance with him! But who knows maybe she does and maybe she doesnt?? But one day the girl went to a One Direction concert and got backstage! What will Happen?


3. Soon.

Skyler's POV

Well two more weeks till the concert!!  But the thing is i cant get a ride, But Jenne's mom she might be able to take us but her mom is like wierd.  Not saying that i am, but i dont really care.

Skyler's Diary

Well today i got detention because i ''swore'' all i said was ''Fuck'' in math, it's not that bad of a word. Like seriously are you like a kid, or do you just need to grow the hell up like really.  Well the 1D concert is i two weeks. B......

Jenne's POV

Well i know Skyler's gonna be Pissed but Sarah coming. :( Her Mummy is taking her.  But my mom can give us a ride there, so thats good, But i just have a dark secret to tell but i dont want to say anything just y..

Sarah's POV

Well it looks like Skyler and Jenne didnt get there wish!  But i dont really care about them but anyways im going to the Concert!! Harry is such a beaut!!


Writer's POV

Hey guys im srry i havent been writing for a while because SCHOOL!! I HATE SCHOOL but i will be writing more!!!! STAY TUNED BEAUTS!!




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