i hate you ,styles

Kayla known harry styles since kinder garden now there in there in high school him and his click always pick on her because of her face and weight after one summer she lost a lot of weight and dyed her hair bleach blonde and harry wanted too play her , get into her pants but what hapoens when he goes too xfacter and Hit fame , comes too her college and stay for a year ( btw she goes too the top peforming arts school) NOT FULLY MY STORY ALL CREDS TO THE AUTHOR


1. k

kayla's pov

i woke up to the sound of beeping . It was my alarm clock.I got up and washed my face and brushed my teeth i striped down and hoped in the shower . i walked out of my and droped the towel unaware that my window was opened i got a text from harry ( dont know how hengot my number) it read hey kayla you know you should really close your window but thx for the show ;). i was discusted and wrapped the towel around myself he was still staring at me in discust i flicked him off and closed my cutins and changed into a glittery orange shirt and dark blue jeans with an orange beanie and my blue converse . i opened my curtins agian and saw saw harry getting yelled at by him mum. i satated t walk to school. inwalked in school and saw harry, ashley,louis,niall,liam,zayn,and brit talking. i tried to run but harry said "hi ugly ass bitch". i ran faster but louis smaked my ass . My boyfreind luke smaked louis and louis beat the crap out of him.he said" hey kayla i love to hate you." thank god today was the last day of school. Harry tried to slap me but i dodged and i ran two more hours 

-------------------------------END OF SCHOOL------------------------------------------

i ran out summers here i stopped and harrys car pull up and he yelled" hey fatass you might wanna run so you can loose

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