Strings on my Guitar

Farrah Dawson and Niall Horan were best friends from the start. But one thing Naill did'nt know is Farrah had deep feelings for him. Will Garrah get the guy before it's too late or will she finally have found he one she's known for her whole life?



2. Our times together

As me and Niall rush out the door to gi and grab some coffee we see this cute little girl walking a puppy.

"Aww so cute!" Niall says.

"I know right" i say cheerfully. I look over at Niall and see he wasnt looking at the puppy, he wad looking at me.

"Oh yeah thats a really cute puppy!" Niall says with awkwardness in is voice. I start to blush like CRAZY.Was he talking about me?! Of course he wasnt! Im not pretty enough, he can do so much better than me. Oh well i dont need to think about this right now; I dont wanna worry about it right now...

We walk into the coffee shop and i see the regster lady is VERY pretty. Crap...

"Hi and welcome to starbucks! Would you like something?" She says flirty. 

"Umm, yeah two grande vinalla lattès please." Niall says nicely.

i know this shouldnt bother me but i get so nervous when he talks to ither girls. I know im just being selfish but i love him, and even though he doesnt know it... It kills me.

"Ok. And can i have your number?" She winks at him. I stared in disbelief.

"umm im here with my GIRLFRIEND!!" Niall says putting my arm around me and kissing my cheak.

"Niall... What are you doing?" I whispered. But i lived every second of him calling me that. Even though it was fake, someday i hope it to be real love.

"Just go with it" he whispers to me with a HUGE smile.

"Oh well you should ditch her... She seems like a slut..." She says with a quite sassy tone in her voice.

Niall's jaw drops. "What the hell?! She is more of a woman that you will ever be and... And i love her!!!" Niall shouts.

My cheeks turn red... And not like kinda red.. I mean RED! I cant help myself but to smile. And me and niall walk out.

"niall that was really sweet of you, but you really didnt have to make that up just to protect me." I say with kindness.

He grabs my hands tightly and whispers in my ear,"i ment every singel word Farrah."

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