Strings on my Guitar

Farrah Dawson and Niall Horan were best friends from the start. But one thing Naill did'nt know is Farrah had deep feelings for him. Will Garrah get the guy before it's too late or will she finally have found he one she's known for her whole life?



3. OMG

"You-you ment it?" I stutter. Niall grabs ahold if my hand.

"Of course" He says. I blush... ALOT. I cant believe this is happining. Ive been waiting for this moment for who knows how long and its finally happining!!! 

I hug niall tightly,"That means the world to me nialler" i say gracefull. He grabs my other hand as well.

"Farrah Marie Dawson, will you go out on a date with me?" He asks.

"of course i would!" 

"Farrah, can i tell you something!"

"of course." I say

"ive had a crush on you for a really long time..." He says while blushing.

"NUH UH" i say

"is that a bad thing?"

"no! Its just ive had a huge crush on you too! But i didnt say anything because i thought you might not like me back and i didnt wanna ruin our friendship" i say and niall smiles widley.

"So when should we have this little date of ours?" Niall asks.

"Is tomorrow good? At around 4?"

"Soubds great! I cant wait!" He kisses me on the cheak softly. I smile like an idiot.

"Bye" he says

"Bye" i wave at him. Tommow will be great...


(A/N: im sorry its so friggb short :(!! Next one will be longer!)

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