Strings on my Guitar

Farrah Dawson and Niall Horan were best friends from the start. But one thing Naill did'nt know is Farrah had deep feelings for him. Will Garrah get the guy before it's too late or will she finally have found he one she's known for her whole life?



1. My BFF

Hi! My name is Farrah Dawson. I have long wavy blonde hair with blue eyes. My bestest friend ever is Niall James Horan (somefay i hope we become MUCH more than friends..) and this is my story! Enjoy


**Farrah's POV**

"Oh my gosh Niall! Stahhppp!!" I say trying to contain my laughter as Niall tickles me in the stomach uncontrobaly... But actually i dont ever want him to stop. I love him. Even though he doesnt know this...or at least i hope...

"Not until you give me potato back!!" Niall whines.

"NEVER!" I yell with pride. "It took me hoirs to get it. And im NOT letting it go!" I say with a goofy grin.

"OK but promise me you wont hurt him?"

"i pinky promise" i say clashing our hands together. I feel my heart beat a million miles per hour. I know we do this kind of stuff all the time but, he just makes me feel so special!

"Good! You'll make a good parent some day then!!" He says triumphtly.

I start to blush like crazy. I know he didnt mean it like that, or did he?!? Oh well!

"haahaha yeah" i chuckle kind of awkwardly.

"UGG" Niall groans.

"whats it this time nialler?"

"we have to go to school tomorrow.." 

"Speaking of school.. I need another ride" i plead.

"i thought you just got your car back?" Niall says.

"well i did but then i got it taken away again.." I say shyly.

"ohhh badd gurll!!!!" Niall says while winking at me. At that point it felt like the 1000 rays of the sun were on my face. I probably looked like such an idiot!

"well it would be a pleasure for me to drive you miss.Dawson." He says very politely.

"why thank you Mr.Horan! Would you like to go get some tea?"

"I hope you mean coffee!!!" Niall stammers

"yup now lets go begore the place closes!" I yell and grab his hand and run out the door.



A/N: sooo?? How was the first  chapter?! Tell me if i should continue or not :P

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