Famous for life

Millie is a in a huge band who is famous millie was adopted with her half sister Kate and also Lydia her best friend they are in a group called forever but when their boss Danni goes on vatctoin leaving the 3 girls with 5 boys in a full world tour how will it work out ??


1. Forever goes never

Millie's pov 


The light blinded my eyes as I sat up "beep beep beep beep" the blasting ear splitting sound rung out of my ears "Millie turn it down will you" I heard my dad shout from the kitchen "um yeah" I shouted back grabbing the phone and answering the call 


lydia : hello sunshine 

millie: what do you want 

Lydia: lose the tude 

millie: fine 

Lydia : Danni told me she's going on a vactoin and leaving us with the brand new boys 

millie : what she can't do that

lydia : well that's what's she's doing just to warn you 

millie: alright well I'll think about it oh are you coming to milkshake shake ?

Lydia : yeah sure 

I ended the phone all these mad things were going to my head and I just couldn't think I plopped my head on the Union Jack pillow and shut my eyes hoping it was all a dream to my shock when I woke my sister Kate was glaring it me with big eyes like a retard I pushed my hand in her face "what are you doing Katie poo" I growled pushing her out of the way she was my fav girl ever but she is sooooooooo annoying "well Danni called me she told me" Kate growled helping me up "pewwww you stink" she said holding her nose "ha ha" I said grabbing a tank top and skinny jeans "do you have any lackies?" I asked desperately Kate handed me a small lackie "here you are" I smiled gently "thanks little sis"  I laughed hugging her "gtg" she said smiling she left me shutting the door "dad" I called loudly after getting dresses and putting on makeup "yeah Hun" laughed dad "can I please go to milkshake shake?" I asked hesitating "um yeah sure" my dad said I could tell he wasn't listening I grabbed my small purse and walked over towards the door "see ya" I called "see ya Hun" dad called back I shut the door behind me and headed for my red mini "hello" called Nathan the boy from next door "hey um I go to go" I checked my watch it was flashing brightly "alright" he sad waving bye I rushed into the car 


"what kind of smoothie would you like" the water held out a menu for me and Lydia to look at "umm can I have a strawberry

sprinkler space blast?" I asked reding out clearly "yes of course" "I'll have a mango mars smoothie?" Lydia asked "yes of course

" he repated smiling "there they are' yelled a voice from across the road "paps" yelled Lydia running into the smoothie both I got

up but I was to late the man grabbed me and spun me around they held microphones in my face and camaras pointing there long lenses in face I smacked them away "bodyguards" I shouted giving up I hated paps the one hate the thing that go in the way of being a celeb  "hello Mrs Newton" the man said the bodyguards started to yell I sighed and walked into the booth "thanks for ditching me" I wagged the finger in Lydia's face "sorry I hate them" she growled making sure they were gone 



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