love hurts!

Shelby,Ayah,andn Beth formed a group called the Enchanting on x factor U.S.A in 2012 now after winnig the U.S.A. x-factor they become instantly famous all over. But what if Simoen starts to favor them more than One Direction? When One Direction is ask bye Simoen to be The Enchanting opening act and stuck on tour with them for a year what will happen. And the Enchanting have a big secret that could make thier carrer end in a flash. Will love fly or will hatred be realsed? Find out in Love Hurts!


2. Vggfhs

Ayah pov

We were sitting down watching rember the Titains when are manger Simoen called us about are tour coming up.

Si= hello ayah can you put me on speaker ease for the girls to here?

"sure thing!" I said pressing the speaker button girls coming closer so they could here.

"Ok girls you all know that your tour is comin up and you need an opening Act. Well I booked one direction no ifs or buts meets at the studio twelve o'clock sharp tommorw." He said hanging up. It not thy we have a problem with them but they don't like us because they think we stole simoen away from them. But we didn't and they're just jejealous. "WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!" Beth screamed realization hit me the tour is over ate at long that mean at least12 full moons with the boys. Oh by the way we are mermaids well sorta. We found these necklaces in the ocean but are tails have been taken away except for full moons  were we instantly grow a tail were wee we are we have powers but they are really weak you have to pissed us off. There is one other thing you should know someone or something is after us and the only reason we aren't fully wiped from are tail and powers is because  the first time they tried they messed up.  And nobody can find out are else we will become a sience project.

"Relax we can yay fake sick are something every full moon," Shelby said making want to hug her becuase that"s porbably the only thing we can do. "Ok now lets go to sleep I'm tired!" Beth  said. We all went to all rooms and fell alseep.

Beth's pov

i woke up to a loud banging nosie downstairs probably the girls dropping everything trying to make breakfest. When I got downstairs  I didn't see any of the girls but heard the banging sound again from the door someoe was here. I look at the stove's clock and see it's 11;55 OH SHIT. I had hotpinkbootyshorts and a grey tanktop with a tan sweater on that didn't button but was the same length as my short wich were really short. I thought it was probaly my little sister ho always come over she is 15.

I open the door to fine no other than One direction waiting for us in there actually clothing. "WHat the hell are you doing here?" I asked confuse. "To meet up like Simoen said," Liam i think said. "OK hold on!" i said I ran up to Ayah's room turn on the lights and jump on top of her. "AHH!" Ayah screamed causing me to fall of the bed with a loud thud causing Shelby to come in wearing her brothers way to big baseball hoddie and some Nike shorts hair all messy in her frizzy curly state. "THEY ARE HEAR COME ON!" I yelled grabing Ayah's hand she was wearing light pink pajama pants with whit pok a tots and white tanktop

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