love hurts!

Shelby,Ayah,andn Beth formed a group called the Enchanting on x factor U.S.A in 2012 now after winnig the U.S.A. x-factor they become instantly famous all over. But what if Simoen starts to favor them more than One Direction? When One Direction is ask bye Simoen to be The Enchanting opening act and stuck on tour with them for a year what will happen. And the Enchanting have a big secret that could make thier carrer end in a flash. Will love fly or will hatred be realsed? Find out in Love Hurts!


3. Don't judge a book by its cover

Harry pov

 none if us wanted to be here we don't even like them I mean they sang our song at their x factor audition! "Hi!" A girl with curly blonde hair and green eyes said. "I'm Shelby and yall are?" She said with a county accent. "I'm Liam that's Niall zayn Harry and Louis," he said pointing at us.  "We'll that's Beth," she said pointing to a girl with blonde hair and bluefish green eyes a mix between Niall and Louis. "And that's ayah," she said pointing to aArabic  with black hair and blonde highlights and hazel brown eyes. These girls remind me of everyone I. The band except there is no Liam. Weird right! "So what are we going to do?" Beth said sitting on the coffe table I front of the sofa that we were sitting on."I don't know?" Niall said with a confuse face leaning back. The girls leans back also but there is no back seat so she does a wired back flip thing landing on her knees.  "Nice job grace!" Her friends say laughing her also sitting on the floor  laughing. "Are you okay?" Liam said with a worry expression.  She didn't say anything she just sat there  giving him a thumps up sighn. "Well two time in ten minutes that a new record!" Ayah said laughing. "No rember I fell then fell again trying to  get up five minutes later my cousin dropped me!" Oh yeh that was so hilarious. "I seem to fall a lot!" She said getting up. The girls wee just standing there awkwardly because the couch was the only sitting spot. "Oh screw it!" Shelby said sitting on the arm of the chair next to Liam. "So. Who wants to have fun?" She said acting like she talking to a five year olds. "Shelby you aren't their babysitter," Ayah said laughing. "Lets go Swimming?" Shelby said. "Yeh!" Ayah said turning around. "What we don't have any swim suits!" Niall said. "My brother always leaves that stuff here so does his friends yall can borrow theirs  since they aare away on a trip with their baseball team because they won college level championship," she said going to a room and throwing different types of swim trunks at us some really nice others from Walmart.

beth ran up the stairs with ayah following her and jumping on her back. Beth goes and runs onto Ayah's back. Me and they boys got dress putting are clothesin a corner we sat back down on the couch and waited. 

Shelbys pov

i was wearing a black and white stripe bikin with pink strings on the side and the neck tie. Beth was wearing a multi Cole bando top that was the new style that like sort came to the begging of the rib cage don't really know the name and turquoise bottoms. Ayah stuck with a hot pink bikin that made her look even more tan. Me and Beth are white but she gets a nice color during the summer time. We ran down the stairs to finde the boys already ready. When we got outside Beth ran and dove in.  She was on our high school swiimming and diving team she got a full blown scholarship but decided to sing instead. The pool is citizen feet deep all the way to five feet. And of course we have an aactual divi g board not to high just perfect and a slide.  She comes from

"you want to race?" Harry said laughing. "A bit full of yourself Harry how about you show me wait you got." Beth said getting out.  "Loser have to what ever the winner say for a whole week!" Harry said. "Ok there and back you think you can mange styles?" Beth said. "Of course!" He said back to her. " ayah say go," Beth said. 

Beths pov

i liking being competive it fun and besides Harry can't be that fast. I heard the boys cheering loudly and Shelby video taping us. Ayah said very professionally,"swimmers take your mark" I lean over In a diving position Harry looked very confuse and just stand there. "UP!" Ayah screamed and we were off I wads in streamline position 3 dolphin kicks and came up doing freestyle taking the lead automatically form was perfect. I got to the wall did a flip turn back to streamline 3 dolphin kicks and free style again.  When I touch the wall Ilooked at thie boys shocked faces as Harry still just halfway. "How the hell you do that?" Niall said. "Oh that. I'm a bit rusty sorry," I said smiling "what the hell?" He was confuse and I said,"can you fix me and the girls some juice Harry?" I ask fluttering my eyes acting compleltyinoccent.    

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