Fane's Story

War wolves and Peace wolves have never lived in peace., many wolves died in battle. In it all was two lovers, they had a pup and named her Fane for war and peace. When she found out that her mother was getting married to her boyfriend, her and her best friend Bruce ran away from the pack to live as loners and they were caught in an all out war when they came back to the pack they were surprised to see it gone! This Fane's story and how she was caught in the war


1. The Marriage

It was a longtime ago when there were Peace wolves and War wolves. They never lived in peace as the days went on many wolves died fighting and between it all was Fane. She was half Peace and half War. This is her story and how she fell in love. "Fane come here please" her mother said while Fane was playing in the sandy lot outside the den. " Coming Mother" when she came to the den her moms boyfriend was there, who she hated, his name is Brayden and she doesn't know why her mother picked him to be her mate instead of joining the Peace wolves where her real father is, but of course she was half and half and she could only be part of one pack. " why are you here" Fane said angrily to Brayden when she came into the den. But of course they don't know she is there because they were kissing in the kitchen and talking about some wedding? " Fane there you are, we have something very important to tell you." Brayden said then Fane saw that her mother was smiling " Brayden and I are getting married and we wanted to tell you first before we tell anyone else." That was when Fane stormed outside crying. While she was out her best friend Bruce, a Husky who ran away from home because his owners were going tout him down because he was too aggressive with the children. " Hey Fane what's up" " It's terrible Bruce My mom and her by friend are getting married and Braden is truly evil." Tears started coming up from Fane's blue, yellow and purple eyes. As she looked to see the handsome Bruce bright blue eyes as he came to comfort her in her time of sadness "it's going to be okay if you want to run away you can always come to my place but if you are going to you better do it after your mom mad her boyfriend are married " your right Bruce, maybe I will but I won't go to your place I'll go to the northern War wolf pack I have cousin there she can take care of me, I hope," She said. She knew that it was right and maybe she might find love through that time while she is away from her mother, but maybe it wasn't? " Its getting dark Bruce, I better get back to the den because then mother would be worried if I stay at your den tonight and not tell her" Fane said giggling to herself. "Okay see you tomorrow then and maybe the marriage is for the best you can't just assume that Brayden is evil and really know him but maybe he is, and if you do run away I could spy on them for you if you want" Bruce said even through that wasn't needed but it was just a thought that went through his smart snow dog type of mind. " I would like that but make sure they don't find out that you are spying on them because then they will get mad." The day of the wedding was in a beautiful winter day and her mother was beautiful as ever with her red, white fur and bright blueish,greenish and yellowish eyes that help with her beautiful appearance. Brayden looked like he is every day but this time he groomed himself as so did his son whom is always flirting with Fane, but she has feelings for a different wolf. Seth came over to her at the wedding and in his charming flirty voice " hey Fane aft the wedding want to go to a corner and kiss?" " no your sick Seth! plus after the wedding we will be step-brother and sister after all of this" she was anger at him for saying it because her boyfriend will be mad at Seth , his name is Kapu and he loves her with all his heart plus he is going to be to the next alpha of the western pack. They met at a pack meeting and been meeting in secret ever since.
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