Everyone thought it was a perfect life... they never knew.

Justin. Callie. The two people that were always together. Just friends. No one ever understood that they weren't a couple. With drama, fights, and secrets that shouldn't have been leaked.. this fanfic will keep you on your toes until the end.


4. Justin's Attempt To Make Callie Feel Better... (Both POV)

"Hey Callie," Justin smirks. "Hey Justin," Callie manages to say the words without crying. She uses her barrier smile. "After school, meet me by the B-Wing, I have a surprise, Justin tried to sound sly although he is too good to be bad. Callie loves him for that. "What is it Justin?" Callie tries to feel for his surprise in his backpack. "Cal, ya won't find it there," Justin can't keep the smell of it off of him. Callie still never smells the leaves. The day slowly passes. "So lemme show ya this surprise..." Justin could barely contain his excitement. This is how he handles his stress, it'll help Callie... or so he believes. "Justin. What the fuck?" Callie can't believe what he pulls out of his pocket. 2 blunts. 1 lighter. "Callie, don't judge it. Smoke it once. You will feel better."Justin is shaking at the thought he could loose there entire "friendship." "No, Justin I am not gonna do this," Callie is so tempted. She can't just say no, one puff..... "But, I'll try it..." "That's the Callie I know," He winks so playfully she couldn't resist his charm. She inhales slowly, and exhales as she tilts her head backwards. "Justin, thanks but that's all," Callie sounds happier than ever. "Cal, that was all I wanted. You to be like your old self. Your happy self." Justin cocks his head to the side, and creepily smiles. (inside joke) "Justin!" She playfully slaps his arm. They almost forget they are at school. Until they hear the class door creak open. "Put it away!" She whispered frantically. "Wait, what?" Before Justin notices she puts the lighter away and throws the blunts in the nearby bushes. The teacher pops out and says something they couldn't make out. "Whatever," Justin sighs. "Cal, don't worry so much! It's just weed," Justin is changing right before Callie. He doesn't give a fuck about it. He changed. He didn't learn. He is nose-diving. "Justin, take me home. Now, I can't take this worry of smelling like weed at home. Ok? Leave me alone. I don't need this." Callie talks nervously yet with force. She slams the car door and marches up the stairs. She looks at the kitchen and sees the knives. "Next time, I may need these. No. No. Callie you can't" The contemplation is crazy. She plops on her bed and checks her phone. 2 new messages. Both from Justin. Telling her everything she would ever imagine. And everything she couldn't. 

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