Everyone thought it was a perfect life... they never knew.

Justin. Callie. The two people that were always together. Just friends. No one ever understood that they weren't a couple. With drama, fights, and secrets that shouldn't have been leaked.. this fanfic will keep you on your toes until the end.


6. First fight, not the last.

Callie walked over to Justin's house. She still can't control, or contain, that she is not ready to see him after the incident. "Breathe, you need to breathe," Callie is hyperventilating. She nervously touches the gold-plated door bell. "Hey, Justin.... something about the way she spoke, you could tell shit was gonna go down. "Hey, Cal!" He is excited. I'm nervous. What the hell? How, can this be. How am I still so broken, when I am trying to be fixed. God, help me. "Justin, listen we gotta talk, seriously." "Kay, Cal.. what's up?" Why is he so calm? I am gonna sound like a freak. Erg. Fuck this. "Why, Callie do you hide your real life? This makes no sense. Just tell me. I should know already!" He snapped. He yelled. He screamed. "Why do you think I hide it? If anyone ever found out I would be teased, treated differently, be ignored, be shafted, be in the office all the time! Do you think this is how I want life to be? IT'S NOT. I got these cards. I never needed this. You will never understand the pain I go through! You just think, "Boo-hoo. Poor you" Yeah, not the case. I wake up everyday saying I'll act happy to risk total and utter distruction! THIS HAS NEVER BEEN WHAT I ASKED FOR. I thought you may get it but you don't you never will. Unless you have the same issues you can't begin to wrap your mind around. You will never understand the spiraling rollercoaster. That is my life. You only know the happy disguise. If you knew the rest, you'd never look at me the same! Everyday I think when will people figure out the truth. I cover it up. You won't even know the half of my world. OK? Leave it at that," Callie just spit it out. "You know what? Fuck you. You won't get the stress I'm under. Why I smoke pot. Why I never am seen with my real life. All I am doing is dying and no one gets that. I seem perfect. I am a freaking mess. On the contrary, people say I "saved them." You know what Callie? I tried to save you but it won't work. Only you can free yourself. I'm done. Leave me alone and stay away. Ok? Don't even talk to me for a week. See how you do. Maybe you aren't as bad as you think you are. You worry about how I'll think of you. You couldn't give a shit about everyone else's opinion. You cared about mine only." "Just go, we'll talk in a week. Set yourself free. Be a carefree mofo. Fuck the rest. You can do this, Cal. I know it." As I began to talk out of his house, I simply turned around. "Hug me first. I need a hug. I am dying slowly. One day you'll hear an announcement, "A girl at our school committed suicide, Callie Nicole. We will greatly miss her. Until then I'll hang on." She whispered those 3 sentences into his ear as he gripped her waist tightly. "Callie, you'll be ok. Just one week, you'll be better. Trust me." Justin ran his fingers through he auburn hair. "Cal, I'll miss you. But for now, you must go." She let go of Justin and walked out the door. She was ready to try. "I'll do it. It could help," Callie slowly exhales and walks alone back home. Justin looks out his window and watches her. "One week Cal, till we meet again."

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