Everyone thought it was a perfect life... they never knew.

Justin. Callie. The two people that were always together. Just friends. No one ever understood that they weren't a couple. With drama, fights, and secrets that shouldn't have been leaked.. this fanfic will keep you on your toes until the end.


5. Discoveries

One message was http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njVyV_gehpo (a link you may open to see what he sent to Callie) As well as a full on confession to Callie. About the world he is in. How he copes. The life he can't tell anyone. "I can't believe this. He's worse that I am," Callie reflected upon what she read. "Lemme click this link, it'll explain a lot, I sure hope..." Click it now. Callie isn't going to explain this song to you. "Wow. This is my new song right here!" For once Callie felt actually happy. Not the "happy mask" she wore to take on the day. Nope. This is different. An actual happy. For a moment, the depression faded, anxiety lessened, and spinning mind subsided. One song from Justin changed it all. It wasn't even his song! She messaged Justin so quickly thanking him for the link that cleared her mind for a moment. And ever since Callie will always hum the lyrics to that song. And Callie quickly sent Justin a link to a song that helped her. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjmeXYFw2Pw She could barely stop the tears. She was happy for once. She discovered something that made her feel better. 

Side Note: Y'all are probably thinking that a song can't change your life. For Callie it did. Don't judge if you don't suffer. 

I could be the one. To set you free. To make you feel that way. Better. Callie, I am here and always will be. I really mean it. Callie's first thought: Only you can free yourself, but I'll help. "Oh, Justin, thank you so much," Callie exhaled slowly and took a deep breath in. "Only I can free myself. I have to start today. Now. My motto now - Not give a fuck this is my life and only God can judge me. None of these others who make rumors. They won't ever break me again. I am staying strong. I will become who I've always wanted to be. I gotta get all the bad people out of my life and start over again. Stay Strong," Callie sighed she is on a road to recovery, yet she could relapse. Plus, she still hasn't talked to Justin face-to-face since they almost got caught smoking pot on campus... Oh, Callie, will you ever stay out of drama and worry? We'll just have to see.

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