Everyone thought it was a perfect life... they never knew.

Justin. Callie. The two people that were always together. Just friends. No one ever understood that they weren't a couple. With drama, fights, and secrets that shouldn't have been leaked.. this fanfic will keep you on your toes until the end.


2. Callie's Mindset

Justin probably puts up with me. He can't love me. I don't expect him too. I just have to drift away from him. He can't take this. He's too good. He'll never understand the world I am suffering in. Justin won't understand why I am always hiding in my big pullover jackets. He won't understand the way I comfort the people we both know. He doesn't know that some of the mutual friends we have are having suicidal thoughts, dealing with anxiety, as well as depression. Why can't I just plant this into his head. I'll never be able to tell him all of this without him thinking I am an overreacting whackjob who he never should have been seen with.  But, he could always actually enjoy my company and want to be with me.. nahh. That's not true. But is it. Callie goes through this everytime she sees him. If she should tell him the world or never tell him at all.

Side Note:

I bet lots of you are thinking, OMG a person gets it. And yeah I do. If you ever need help like Callie will please visit this link. I am here. I won't judge. xx http://beautifulchaoticdisaster.tumblr.com

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