Everyone thought it was a perfect life... they never knew.

Justin. Callie. The two people that were always together. Just friends. No one ever understood that they weren't a couple. With drama, fights, and secrets that shouldn't have been leaked.. this fanfic will keep you on your toes until the end.


1. Callie's and the Outsiders POV

"Why can't I just end it here? I don't need this life. Would any of you care if I just never appeared one day?" Callie just screamed it out. Leaving all around her to wonder what the hell just happened. Her life has always been a never-ending rollercoaster. She couldn't, nor would she, tell anyone the struggles she faced, the ways she masked her increasing depression, and her feelings (which she now can't decide about) for her "friend" Justin. People always assumed she was the never sad, always happy, sweet girl who was an open book for all to read. She wasn't. Although at school, since she was hanging with Justin she would lie about her feelings for him. Yeah, a lot of you are feeling this way now. I know it. Every morning, she'll think it will get better. Does it really? Or   am I just learning to cope with this sadness building up in me? "I need to tell Justin. I've hinted at it before, but I need to tell him how bad it is for me. If I tell him, he'll treat me different, he could spill it all, then I will always be in meetings with the guidance counciler. Yeah, this is my battle not his. I'll wait to tell him. I don't think he'll get it he's never depressed. But he could be how would I know? Does he hide it like I do? But people are seeing through the fake smiles. How can I keep this under raps for another 5 and a half years? Every night when I lie down in bed, my mind goes crazy. I never sleep anymore. I am addicted to tumblr, and I can't stop contemplating just running away from my life!" Callie tries to fall asleep, but this is her mindset before it. *Sighs* Oh Justin, if I could call you tonight and tell you it all. I would. You are probably so annoyed with the games I play to hide the deepening sadness and anxiety. "Justin, please ask me one day how I am... if you even know... PLEASE JUST HELP. I AM ON THE VERGE OF JUMPING OFF A CLIFF. " Callie again, screaming in her mind. "This happens a lot... is this normal?" (No, it's not but everyone hides the fact they have a mental issue.) "How is Justin so happy and free? He has the pressure of the world on him! How can he handle it? When I am breaking? How can he deal?" Callie, think. You need to talk to him. You need help. This isn't good. "When I talk to him he won't even get it... will he?" I wonder too much about this. Justin. if you only knew the cold, hard truth. I hope he can keep a secret... I am gonna tell him." Callie made her desicion and hopes she can stick to it. 

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