Falling for him again

Katie is suprised by her friend with one direction backstage passes when she
Meets Harry once againh


4. The big question

As one direction entered i tryed my best to avoid harry "Hi"i heard an irish accent behind me i turned to find myself face to face with Niall. He had gorgeous eyes i didnt look away untill he became very interested in the snack table.Harry saw me and was staring very intensely at my and wildly smiling. "Hello how have you been havent seen you in a while"he said in his adoring accent as he kissed my hand. I didnt object because i admit i missed him. Harry was still smiling like a madman while everything was silent and he was still holding my hand. Finally Louis asked the question on everyones mind "You know each other?"i could barley answer but i managed a quiet yes. Harry had to explain everything while i was thinking about the past. Harry didnt stop staring at me untill everyone left to give us privacy he pulled me in for a hug and i burst into tears thinking of how we once were.He held tight so i could hear his heart beat i never felt so safe in my life.
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